Tuesday, October 02, 2012


 This is beginning to feel like an endless project... it's been a bit of a black hole of quilting! First, of course, this is part of the "box" of pieces that have been languishing in the garage because there was a fatal flaw somewhere.

Yeah. Funny how a couple of years distance, and feeling a lot better physically and with a clearer mind (now that the year+ of recovery from t he surgery is over) can make even an impossibly flawed project suddenly more doable. This one had a problem with the pink and blue 4-patches. No way I could get  them suitably random. Well, duh, no. Because they needed those green ones in between. I had the strips cut for the green ones, so that wasn't too difficult to accomplish.

The pattern (Dandelion Wine from Judy Hopkins' Triangle Free Quiltmaking) only calls for a separator strip on one side of the 4-patches, but I like the look better with 2. So 2 it is. I had a lot of that pink so I cut a few more strips and got them sewn on.  Pressing them in 100+ degree weather wasn't the most enticing idea, but hey, the ironing board sits right over the a/c vent for the room, so it was pretty doable. And I got a kick out of the light shining through the strip as it hung over the end of  the ironing board.

 The blue strips of that wonderful Art-Nouveau looking print were already cut, so adding them to the strips of 4-patches went fast.

A teaser of how it will look. Needed a good press (again!) and then I trimmed the ends off evenly. 

Whoa! These went together  quickly--just a question of matching the ends, centers, and halfway-to-the-center points. 
 Naturally I had a helper for this part. He napped right through the easy parts, had to s how up when I was trying to juggle quilt-top halves and keep the stitching somewhat straight.

 Yeah, he wasn't enamored of the idea of letting me just sew. Took a couple of strong hints and finally the bum's rush worked. Sorry, HiHi, but I was on a roll here!

Sewed all the pieces together and then added pink strips to the top and bottom.  Now the major assembly is done, and that last little border stabilized all those seams on the ends.

 Needs another press to flatten out the top and bottom strips, and then it will be time to play with borders. I have a couple of ideas of what I'd like to do. Right now it's roughly (very roughly) 60" x 72" so I can play a bit. I have some more 4=patches that could be pieced into a border, plus there's a lot of that dark blue fabric left too. I want to do something creative but not too whack.  I think the next border might be the lighter green, and there's one of the fabrics in a light blue with a sort of carnation print that might work. Going to have to play with it though, and see what works.

So this was a good project to keep me occupied today. Got a couple of things hanging fire and I feel as jumpy as... well, as me with too many things on my mind!!


92 MOG said...

Of course the Cat has to "help"

Lee I said...

Wow. Good going. This may or may not get posted because I can't read the two capcha words. In fact, there is only one. Flunked the 1st one. Flunked the 2nd.

Sheepish Annie said...

Whatever would we do without our kitty helpers? But I think you get to take full credit for this project. Well done!