Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lemon/Lime Bento Box

Lemon/Lime Bento Box by marie watterlond
Lemon/Lime Bento Box, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Assembled this quilt top today, along with it's fraternal twin--which I've christened Lemon Bento Box. Borders are cut and ready to be assembled for both quilts.

These two quilts were cut out and mostly (but not completely) sewn into the small squares which make up the larger 4-patch squares, when I got hurt last year and my world came crashing down around me. One of the best things about finally feeling better (surgeon said it would take a year to be "healed") is that I can pick up and start working on projects again. It will be really good to have these quilts done!

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Kim in Chicago said...

I am in love with the Lemon/Lime Bento Box. Bravo!