Monday, January 02, 2012

Second Verse...

Thought I'd share some more of the Christmas quilts that have been up during the holidays, since they are all going back into hibernation till next Christmas.

Not quite sure how this is going to work, since the Blogger layout looks a little wonky. However, here's some folk art angel quilts, including the famous "angels in sleeping bags" as on of the cherubs dubbed it.

There[s the wintery trees--this may stay around for a while since it's really more "winter" than "Christmas" like the Snowball Quilt from a previous post. Then there's the flying angels with their gold wings and trumpets.

Pay no attention to the butterfly quilt. That's one of my WIPs and really needs some attention. If I can work on it, you'll soon (I hope) see it as an FO.

That's enough for today. I need to experiment some more with layouts on this thing. You'd think this was my first blog.

Oh wait...

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DPUTiger said...

I love my Christmas quilts. Of course, I have a few that I classify as "winter" and therefore they can stay up longer. Sadly, the husband decides they are all Christmas and therefore must be put away with the holiday stuff. Silly boy. Snowmen are WINTER, not Christmas!