Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. 14, A Sick Day

...but with something accomplished anyway! Last night, I was so tired I quit working on the sweater with only the two flowers on the sleeves, figuring I'd finish the rest of them today before taking this over to Missy A.

Bet me.

Woke up feeling really sick, and spent most of the day in that horrid place where first you're afraid you're going to die, and then you're afraid you won't.

I will spare you the details. However, after a good long nap with my furry "nurses" standing by, I found myself feeling much better. I've been able to sit up, take a little nourishment, and thanks to the magic of DVR I was able to make 4 more flowers for the sweater. I'm kind of thinking it's done, but I may get creative and make a few more flowers--there should be six more around the sides and back. I kind of think they'd be adorably cute, but not the most comfortable, so I'll have to consult with Missy and her mom, and see what they think.

Now it's back to the couch. Yes, I feel better, and I think that by tomorrow I'll be back to normal. But right now? Not gonna push it!


jillian said...

That sounds dreadful! Glad it was not too long-lived and you feel back to normal very very soon!

Ellen Bloom said...

The sweater is absolutely adorable! Even when you're sick you do amazing work. Take it easy....feel better!

Anonymous said... pretty!! And Missy A will wear it well I think. If it was one of my babies you'd have to skip the 'extra' flowers, but your little charge there - well she survived the headband phase and she keeps her hats on, so I think she is the perfect model for whatever you see in your minds eye! Feel better and better! Foosh

Madge said...

I love how even though you're fighting off imminent death you still manage to finish the crocheted flowers for Miss A's delightful sweater. Heh. Hope you're feeling loads better! *hugs*

mary said...

It's so adorable and perfect for Missy A! Happy 1st Birthday Missy! Hope you're feeling better.