Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Progress...

So the big project for the day was bringing home the desks, and getting them built and put up in the office.

Yes, I know they look more like tables than desks. I guess, really, they are tables; we had looked at several tables and these were just a little sturdier.

So, we moved out lots of boxes, many many magazine sorters (all my collection of IK, VK, Knitters, plus my favorite quilting magazines), books, and more" stuff." Then the desks came in, got put together, and here they are.

I am not sharing pictures of the rest of the house. "Trashed" kind of describes it. There's all kinds of paperwork on the dining room table, and more boxes and things in the back room.

Plus the next big task will be moving the computer setup to this desk. Now, the phone jack (for the dsl line) is on the opposite wall, so we'll need to make some kind of provision for getting it over to where it needs to be. I think some sort of cord protector, with maybe a rug or a runner over it, so that we don't trip and we don't damage the cord, is called for.

I'll keep the blog updated as we add a little more personality to this room, too. Right now, the beige cellular shades, white walls, and plain wood floor look sort of...Spartan? Blah? (Ok, so those full bookcases kind of have their own personality, especially the one with the office supplies, but that's not exactly what I mean!)

This whole process has really involved a lot of thinking about how we want to work, what we need to do to make things easier, and especially the whole concept of finding places for everything. Places that are easy enough to maintain, so that when we take something out we can put it away again without feeling overwhelmed!


Girl Meets Needle said...

I'm loving your office. Especially those gorgeous hard wood floors.

I have hardwood floors. But they were ruined by the landlady who insisted on painting them rather than just staining the wood a nice, natural color.

Jerry said...

It's funny because I was watching the late night Oprah where she was decluttering homes while reading your blog. When you said everything will have a place made me think of wishing I had the space for a desk. Envious of the office but we have a fiber room so I can't complain

Abi said...

Nice project you have going there mehitabel.

A place for everything is a good idea, so you won't need to ask,

Look forward to the updates. Have fun...