Wednesday, July 30, 2008


...and the livin' is lazy. Case in point:

Certain inhabitants of this house seem to think that if it's summer, they get to lay around and look cute.

Well, I guess that's par for the course. That is their job, right?

The house continues to come together, although very slowly it seems. Funny how hard it is to unload boxes when you can't stand up!

The ankle holds grudges. It will let me do certain things, and then slam me down. Sample dialogue when I got home last night: "Okay, I carried you around during class tonight. I didn't complain much. So hear me now! ROWRRR!"

However, thanks to a visit from the Vegas branch of the family, a little furniture moving and rug-laying happened and now we have these new fur-catchers down.

I had to edit the pictures a bit, so you wouldn't see the stacks on the tables. We are using them, after all!

The new coffee table (which is actually a storage bench) fits right in with the furniture and the style we're trying to achieve, and the dining room rug also carries the "oak tree" theme.

See the oak leaves and acorns there?? As soon as I can be a little more ambulatory, and the table gets cleared off, I hope to have some good pictures of the full "effect" with the table, the light fixtures, and the French doors.

That's it for now. The furboys haven't been cooperating with the camera--they've spent a lot of time sleeping, and I don't do much either since it's hard to do anything without standing up!

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Madge said...

Pretty new rugs. Glad the house continues to be put together...slow and steady gets 'er done.

*scritches to Simon and Hi Hi*

P.S. And yes, I think skellie bags a la Piddleloop will be fab. In fact, I'm placing my order now, please.