Friday, July 18, 2008

Quilts n' such

There has been progress on the quilting front--just not by me!

Here's Christine with the center of her baby quilt, for her grandson-to-be:
Dad's a surfer, and the images are of some of the more well-known surfing beaches in SoCal and beyond. The Attic Windows setting is a little tricky for a first quilt, but Christine is up to the challenge!

Then there is Anne's very patriotic Yellow Brick Road--why, it even has yellow patches in it!

Next up: some crochet!
The baby blanket is for the same potential grandson, but this one has a nice story to it:
the corner squares were crocheted by Christine's mother, who only did the four squares. So Christine made the rest of them.

I wish I could turn the photo so you could see that thoses are cats, done in popcorns!
Very cute!

On the home front, there has been some progress now that the ankle is healing a bit more. We had a visit from Audrey's grandpa, who put up the three light fixtures in the "pink" bathroom and the new one for D4's bedroom.

I love those bathroom fixtures! What we've had prior to this has been some old rusted bare-fluorescent-bulb things that clearly showed their age. And only worked when they felt like it, which was not often. These neatly hide the bulb, and have the added bonus of lighted sides as well. The downside? We can now see, clearly illuminated, the condition of the medicine cabinets. Not so good!
(They are from Restoration Hardware, called Pierce, if you really want to know!)

For D4's room, she looked a long time before picking this one. Not the greatest picture, but it really is a pretty fixture, and looks nice with her new bed.

So, there is some healing of the ankle going on, and the back, while pretty nasty, is (I'm hopeful) going to respond to physical therapy and exercise. I do find that, if I am fairly active, the back feels better but the ankle mutters bad words and swells up and throbs at me. So I'm trying to keep a balance of activities that are going to reconcile these two warring factions of the same body. Gosh, I wish they would learn to get along!


DPUTiger said...

Follow instructions with your PT! That can work wonders! Have a great weekend :)

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad things are starting to get better, but they sound like they're still not fixed! Hang in there -- your ankle and back are bound to come back into agreement soon :)

Vtknitboy said...

love the afghan with the "bobble" cats! sorry to read about your other kitty... we have a rescue kitty (5 yrs old!) Tigger. he's on my blog.