Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back "Home" Again

Here's my project--unfinished, of course, but at least making progress:

I like this layout but I think I will probably be tweaking the design a bit more.
At least, all 20 of the blocks are sewn, so instead of having 40 or more pieces I'm now down to 20. It's all wrapped up in the sheet of batting, ready to work on should I ever again find myself with a spot to work at!
Came "home" to D3's house, where D4 has been camping out for the past week. We're going to go over to the house later on and see what's been done while I was away. If we can, we will figure out how we can move back in and get along there, since D3 is getting ready to play hostess to one of our CT families.
Simon has managed to get into something (probably the fireplace) and turned his white ruff grey.
Also his white tummy. He's been trying to wash it off and it just sort of looks icky.

We've told him if he doesn't "come clean" he's going to need to go to the groomer's for a bath.
He isn't impressed.
The drive home from Asilomar was uneventful--considering that I was driving a rental!
That's right, the parts for my truck didn't come in, so it's still sitting in Seaside waiting for them. That means that as soon as the truck is done, I can return north to turn in the rental and pick up the miscreant and drive it home.
I am referring to the rental as the White Whale, since it's a huge minivan. I am so not a minivan person; give me my truck any day. I'm not complaining, mind you, since at least I have wheels, and we were able to get our full array of suitcases, tubs o' fabric, four sewing machines, and a couple of (giant) boxes of tools home in one trip.
We made two stops on the trip homeward: one at the Apple Farm for afternoon "tea" and once at Buellton for a fill-up of fuel and of treats at Pea Soup Andersen's. Since we'd had lunch at Asilomar before leaving, we didn't need to stop for a meal, and traffic was quite light, so we made good time. The weather was glorious, spring has really "sprung" along Highway 101 with wildflowers blooming everywhere. The hills are golden with poppies and wild mustard and purple with lupine, and the grapevines in the many vineyards we passed have sprouted. Once we hit Ventura, the fog rolled in but it's all city driving after that, so it wasn't a problem.
There are pictures on my Flickr page of some of the other class projects--very inspiring! I can see myself making lots of quilts with the techniques we discussed in class, assuming of course that I will eventually have a place where I can sew!


Madge said...

Welcome home! Your quilt is so cheery. Sorry to hear about your car; how crazy is it that you have to go back for it?! Well...roadtrip! :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I just love circles inside squares. Of course you'll have a place to sew! Just give yourself a few more months. It's going to be too hot to sew anyway until the fall!

Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

DPUTiger said...

Your quilt is awesome! I'll have to go check out your flickr stream. Glad you got home safely, even though it was in a rental.

Anonymous said...

Amazing quilts! I love the ring of pineapple on yours :-)

knitnzu said...

Your quilt is looking great. Poor Simon. My friend's cat lets himself get filthy if she leaves him alone for a night or two.

jillian said...

Your quilt is looking lovely! Sounds like the trip home was particularly scenic. Welcome home!

See you next weekend!

Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness -- that is an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I adore the colors.

Welcome "home". I hope things get more settled very soon! Meanwhile, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip, which you so deserved and needed :)

junie said...

Terrific quilt design and color. It is really wonderful Marie.

Wonderful road trip. I can find my way to Eugene and back now. After 22 trips, and some mistakes, I have decided to get one of those fancy ON Star gizmos so I can find my way around. Maybe even to lower CA someday.

Go kick the SUV for me. Mine is old but no real miles on it. Wouldn't trade it for a 'small' car anytime soon...when my ship comes in, I'll get another truck.

I am stuck on them.

Annette said...

Welcome home! Your quilt is going to be beautiful. Simon dyed his mane - that's funny!