Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Asilomar, Dispatch #2

Finished the Taiyo scarf!

With just a wee bit of yarn left over--not enough for another row.

I will probably need to wear it this week, as there is a rainstorm moving in and we've been promised thunder, lightning, and storms. We'll just have to wait and see.

Sample of the work my fellow students are doing:

... and one of the teacher's quilts.

I love this one and I am thinking of using this one as an inspiration for mine.

Of course, that will mean that I have to sew a lot more strips together--right now, I have 10 pairs of strips sewn. Big whoop! I have over 110 strips cut--two of each--to sew before I can start cutting circles.

Hmmm, why am I over here posting instead of sewing??

Some of the quilting buddies here.
Lisa, Carol, and Sandy at lunch.

Didn't quite crack the camera lens.


Dropped the poor camera again, and it's now having even more trouble than the last time it got dropped. The good thing is that this time I didn't fall with it!
Asilomar eye candy--windswept trees and blue blue sky.

And quilty eye candy: my strips, which are calling to me.

More later!


Madge said...

Your Taiyo scarf looks great. Just know that when you wash it it grows like the dickens, so you'll need to dry it in the dryer to make it bouce back into shape. Saggy cotton is a pain. Just ask Audrey or Nate.

Asilomar looks like lots of fun as always. Happy quilting!

P.S. Sorry about the Yarnmobile. That sucks.

Sheepish Annie said...

The scarf is lovely. And those quilts! I really need to send Mommy Sheep your way and have her take a look. She's come a long way with the quilting over the past few months. Maybe I can inspire her to gift me with a new one...