Monday, February 25, 2008

Too Much Stuff!

That's been the mantra today. I've heard it from the contractor, from the packing-job-foreman, from the packers, from my helpers, from my daughter, and from myself.

The view when stuff started coming out of closets and hidey holes. Well, okay, some of it has been like this for a while now.
Here's the same view after it's all been carted off. Oh, those boxes in the corner? That's my interim kitchen! There's a table with the microwave on it, and the coffeemaker is going to live in the bathroom for a bit.

Looking at the old kitchen from a couple of angles. The refrigerator was supposed to move to the back room but they couldn't get the water line to the ice maker turned off. Once the plumber comes in to fix that little detail, we'll have the fridge in the new "kitchenette."

They are planning to start the demolition on the kitchen within the next day or two, as soon as they finish packing up the rest of the house.

Don't ask. We have bins and they are filling up fast. We may need a third bin, since so far there's very little furniture in them. Just boxes and boxes and tubs and tubs.

The packers? Well, let's just say they lack a certain finesse. It's going to be very interesting seeing what's in the boxes they've packed when it's time to bring everything back in.
Oh, and of course, there are now the resolutions that it's NOT all coming back in. Exactly how that will be implemented, I don't know. I just know... it's not all coming back in. Just the yarn. And the fabric. And... well, maybe a few things.
Garage sale, anyone??

Okay, going to go take some more pictures. Even if I can't always post (they are letting me have the computer for a few more days) I will try to keep pictures uploaded to my Flickr page, so just click on the Flickr badge and you can get caught up on this mad, bad, totally insupportable project!

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Fay Lynn said...

Wow, I feel for you. This is a major undertaking on all kinds of levels!