Sunday, December 16, 2007

Miss Kitty, aka Miss Piggy

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moar funny pictures

This is one of my Connecticut grandkittens, although I do think "kitten" is a bit of an exaggeration for her! Inspired by Barbara's version with Midnight in her cave, I was able to get Kitty's photo on the page.

We have another Miss Kitty in the family--my sis-in-law, Sadly Blogless Linda, has her parents' little dachsy, also named Miss Kitty. Maybe I'll need to look for a picture of that Kitty to put up alongside this one!

Counting down to Christmas and I think I'm getting a wee bit punchy here. What other explanation for my sitting here at the computer, doing LOLcats instead of cleaning/cooking/wrapping? Hmm. All right, I'll go work, and I'm hoping to have some knitting to share tonight too!

1 comment:

LINDA said...

I sent you a photo of the other Miss Kitty. She would love to be on your blog.