Monday, December 17, 2007

Equal Time

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

By request, picture of the canine Miss Kitty. She's 12 (or so, in people years) and lived for a long time with my in-laws, who like many people in their 80s were not super active. So, when my FIL went to live at The Home (which is a tale for another day) Miss Kitty went to live with sis-in-law Linda, her husband, and their two mini dachsies. Kitty has been having a ball making up for lost time--she runs, she hunts, she lords it over the other two.

Yarn pics and knitty tails (tales?) shortly--gotta upload the pictures! Miss K. couldn't wait...


LINDA said...

Miss Kitty (canine)sends a big "thanks" and a "lick" for prime time on your blog."Cats can't have all the fun!" she says with a wink in her eye.

CatBookMom said...

Good job with the Loldog photo. There's a small place just below the spaces for lines of words that lets you reduce the size of the type, so longer sayings fit. I re-did mine about 3 times.

Cute li'l wiener dog.