Saturday, November 03, 2007


One of the hazards of being un- or under-employed is that after a while, all the days kind of blend into each other, and unless you make a terrific effort to keep track, you can find yourself suddenly standing there saying, whoa! How did it get to be Saturday?

Or worse, you start wondering why people are so fond of Fridays. Well, okay, I never did quite understand that one. You know, if you're looking forward to the weekend, you might be glad when you are leaving work on Friday night, but on Friday morning? You still have to work all day!
Well, I did have one job where my work week was Sunday through Thursday. So, yeah, Friday was a day off and therefore worth celebrating with a TGIF.

It's kind of getting to be that way now with months, I think.
How did it get to be November?

Particularly since, here in SoCal, one month and one season is pretty much like another.
Hot, dry, windy: hey, it's Fire Season! But it could just as easily be July or August as November.
Case in point: I went to The Mall today and as I was leaving, with the a/c blasting away in the car, I happened to look up at my onboard thermometer:
95 degrees.
In November.

The irony? Well, I had been buying Christmas cards and ornaments!

Yeah, I know. Insanity rules.

But it wasn't all my fault. Honest. I was there doing a charitable deed. I have a friend who suffers from CFIDS and doesn't get out much. In fact, for her, a trip to the mall is pretty much out of the question unless there's someone to drive her there and back.

Today was my turn. She's fun to be with, especially when she's got that kind of excited-little-kid glow which comes from an outing, especially one that's Christmas-related. So, we went, we shopped, (thank you Hallmark!) and even had lunch.
No pictures of the outing, and the only knit-related activity was that I pulled out my Cash Island scarf to work on while we waited for our food.
Did you know that knitting in a restaurant makes the food come much more quickly??
Yeah, I wouldn't have thought it worked that way either. Who knew?

Tonight I'll pull out the knitting again. I've got an idea for another square for the NETA afghan, and they gave me the go-ahead to knit one, so I think I will.
I seem to need that kind of instant-gratification knitting right now. A 12" square? Bring it on! I've finished one, so I'm game for another!

The vegetation is what's currently available in my yard. The consolation prize for not having fall color. I was just listening to the radio and really "heard" the words of the song:
"It's not having what you want,
It's wanting what you've got."

This is what I've got. It'll do.

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Madge said...

and sometimes... get what you need. :D

Welcome to the end of the weekend! xo