Friday, November 02, 2007

Fall Friday Cat and an FO

Computer cat--I guess he's my Friday Cat this week! He really loves to perch on the mousepad and paw at the screen if there's something there he likes. Cards, for instance--playing solitaire is fun when you have a kitty kibitzer telling you what to play.
Not so much fun: trying to write an email when the mouse is being "hatched" by a furry hen!
My FO!! Ta Da! Cue the trumpet voluntary! Drum roll!

She finished a 12" square. Even got it washed and blocked! Now to get it dry so it can get mailed off. It's going to go to NETA to become part of an afghan which will be raffled to benefit the Ships Project.
Yarn is Bartlettyarns in cream, the pattern is my own combo of Horseshoe Lace and a 3x3 cable.

Hey, a homesick New Englander has to do what she can to keep herself feeling New England-y! Especially since my trip east was cancelled. No fall foliage for me, sigh.

Since I'm really missing fall this year, I thought I'd try to see what was available in my yard to make me think it's autumn.

The Christmas cactus is budding out.

There are leaves on the ground. The color isn't spectacular, but it is color.

Out here, we take what we can get!

You can also see the sad state of my lawn. St. Augustine grass (semi-domesticated crabgrass) and assorted weeds, kept mowed.

Apricot tree leaf.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!


Romi said...

I love the square! And your kitty is very very handsome.

Sheepish Annie said...

East is not so great right now. At least Maine isn't. Rain, wind and general chaos. There's some pesky hurricane leftovers blowing through. It'll be over soon, though. As will what's left of the foliage. :( should come at some point. How about in February for NETA's SPA Knit and Spin???? You did the lovely swatch and all, right? You should come to SPA!!!

No pressure, though... Maybe a little...but not a lot.

Madge said...

Happy dias de los muertos to you, too!

What a handsome kitty he is! Does he cheat at solitaire or is he a good kitty?