Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Whatsis

Some of my knitfriends use Wednesday as a WIP-Roundup day. Not me. I'm not even well enough organized at this point to even find all my WIPs! However, here's one that is an about-to-be frogged-object, an ABTFO.
This is the start of a Lady Eleanor, in Noro Transitions. First of all, I grabbed the ball thinking it was the "other" Noro, and I didn't realize my mistake right away. I cast on in the car on the way to hear the Harlot on Saturday, and this is how much I got done that day standing in line and waiting for her talk to begin.
Pretty good progress. Except that the gauge is definitely bulletproof, and at this rate it's eating up yarn really really fast. So I would have, if I continued with this piece, a "wrap" that would be really dense and maybe a foot long. Cause I have 3 balls of this stuff, and this is half of one ball.
Rrrrrip! The needles are out of it, and it will get frogged a bit later tonight while I watch Tim Gunn and learn a bit more about why I'm not very stylish.

For your pleasure, a recent shot of the Grandcarrot:

He is definitely into the maniacal 15-month-old phase by now, adorable little bundle of motion. He doesn't just walk, he runs. And he's inordinately pleased with this accomplishment, too.

Here's a little tease for you--these are all tubs of yarn that are headed for my Giant Crafters' Yard Sale. Next weekend, some fellow knitters and quilters and crafters are going to re-home some of our stash to make room for the latest acquisitions. I'll have more info for you, but if you're in the SoCal area, save the date: 9/29.
Poor Project Spectrum has been rather neglected around here lately. Well, purple and orange are a good combo on the toes, no? No!
This is what happens when you drop a bottle of shampoo (25.7 oz) on your toe.
For orange, how about some rose hips? They are pretty, and decorative, and I refuse to make rose-hip jam.
Oh, the cinder block? Isn't that how everyone props up a sagging rose bush?
Hi-Hi has found a new snooze spot: in Meg's clean laundry! He seems to think this is "his" towel and you know, she's inclined to let him have it, at least till next towel-washing day.

Simon always looks very hopeful. I'm not sure what he's hoping for, but he's very hopeful.
Ah, controversy! Here's a quiz for you.
I got these shoes. I think they're pretty cute, and very comfortable. Birki clogs, red with cartoon sheep.
D4 thinks they are awful.
D4 says I can't wear them. Ever. At least not out in public.
She thinks they would be cute on her 8-year-old niece, but not on her (supposedly) grown adult mother.

What do you think? Should I send them back to the Birki store, and get the blue or purple or maroon suede ones?
What is the price of familial harmony?
Oh, do go on over and see how the Fairy is growing!


Scott & Courtney said...

D5 agrees with D4...I'm not enjoying the cartoon sheep...sorry!

mary said...

Too much fuzz is bad, especially if it winds up in your mouth. The carrot continues to be da bomb, although now it may be more like everywhere he goes it looks like a bomb went off. As for the shoes, well, all I can say is wear what makes you happy. You've earned it! Better yet, only wear the shoes around your D's! ha!

CatBookMom said...

I'll see your toe and raise you a kneecap. This is going to be real Technicolor!

I dunno about the Birks - you don't wear flowered or cartoon-figured slacks, not quite the personality for sheep shoes. Really cute, though.

Romi said...

OMG. I love the clogs. :) You must keep them!

Hope your toe heals quickly!

Madge said...

What's the dark red yarn in the top right corner of the garage sale photo? ....

Oh, yeah, where am I? *shakes head* Um, okay, the clogs. Cute, but will you wear them? They're perfect for knitty events, but otherwise? (I like them, but would never be brave enough to wear them myself.)

Garrett is one cute imp!

Sheepish Annie said...

Love the Sheep. Love, love love it!!! This is not surprising given my blog title, but there you go.

Gosh, that grandcarrot has gotten big! I just can't get over it...

And your toe? I winced before I even got the whole story. Then I winced again. I have a "toe thing." I hate to even have mine touch and the thought of that bottle hitting your poor toesie just about sent me over the edge. A nice addition to Project Spectrum, though...

junie said...

Stick with the red shoes and sheep! You'll giggle everytime you look at them!

The Carrot is adorable. He is really getting big. What an impish grin.

Keep the shoes and send me a pair, size 5 1/2 medium. (g)

Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE TO KEEP THOSE SHOES!! I love them and think I must have a pair.

Too bad about Lady Eleanor, I was having a great time watching you knit backwards on the purl rows while waiting for the harlot.

OUCH! that toe looks painful.

I'm so jealous that I can't make that craft sale, it sounds like it's gonna be fabulous.

Laurie Ann said...

Keep the Sheep! I think they are adorable and I would wear them daily. What size are they? My initials are LAM and I used to live on a sheep farm, so I'm a little partial to sheepy items myself.

Denise said...

I think the shoes are fun! I vote keep.

Cute grandcarrot!

I hope your poor toe is feeling better. Ouch! I dropped a dresser drawer on my toe accidentally about a year and half ago (I'm just that graceful). The toe nail has just now finally grown all the way back in. *That* was an attractive look for the summer sandals I'll tell you.