Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday Sky, and...

Last night, after a looooong day of getting ready for the Sale we went to dinner. This is the sky as we were going into the restaurant.

Ah, yes, we had a lovely stormy day with rain and everything. I loved it!

We'd spent the day going through tubs and boxes of yarn and fabric and... to get ready for next Saturday's Big Huge Crafters' Yard Sale. "We" in this case includes yours truly, plus D4 and D5 and Madgik too, with a little cheerleading from D3. (She'd been at work all day, starting at 3:30 am, so she wasn't up to much except egging us on and going to dinner with us.)
For your temptation: some boxes of goodies for the sale. Yes, that's a big ol' box of needles, many in grand living color. If you look hard you can see the sweater machine, too.

Just look at all those goodies: there is some Noro in there, and some Cherry Tree Hill, and lots of Wool-Ease. The hot pink Sayelle is already spoken for, though, as I promised it to a special Collector. Fear not, there is acrylic and fuzzy stuff too, along with the silver chenille and the lovely soft green cotton chenille.
Love them all, but the time has come to thin the stash. Culling is always painful but I'm hoping to see my treasures go to nice new loving homes.
Oh, there's a whole tub of cross-stitch fabrics, too. Tempted yet? And my buds haven't even started bringing over their additions!

On another note, I had a pleasant surprise this morning: I won! Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove had a contest, and I won! Dave makes such gorgeous yarns and takes beautiful pictures of his yarn and his lovely Miss Lulu Kitty (my furboys have a crush on her) and reading his blog is a delight. So thanks, Dave! (And thanks to Larry for alerting me, even before the coffee was done brewing!)
Now, having used up the rest of the month's allotment of exclamation points (!!) I need to go keep hunting for more goodies to put out for sale. Hey, one woman's surplus is someone else's treasure, right? (I have some philosophical musings about the cause of all this surplusage, but I will save it for another day. Suffice to say for now that I am quite at peace with saying bye-bye to this portion of the collection.)


mary said...

All the yarny goodness looks ready to go! Good job getting it prepped. I still have to do that (gulp!) but I will definitely haul out my scrapbooking stuff to sell. Fingers crossed for a successful and dry crafty yard sale!

Sheepish Annie said...

Sometimes purging just feels gooood! I'm one who saves every little thing until there is no more room to even move. Once I let it all go, I actually feel like I can breathe again.

(Or move to New England...just thinking out loud here.)

DPUTiger said...

You know Sandy T. is a cross stitcher, right? Just sayin'

If you get the box from Dave with the Lucet, I'm going to turn six shades of green with envy! Congrats! :)

Romi said...

The sky is so gorgeous! We had a little storm up here too. :) It smelled like rain and Bay leaves. Mmmmmm.

LINDA said...

Hey, good job I'm impressed! I wish I was I could be there for all the fun! Those needles look tempting!

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo...all that Woolease and Jiffy goodness! I can hardly wait! Thanks soooooo much for saving the pink Sayelle for me. I can't wait to pair it with my two-tone orange, 100% virgin acrylic for a super-duper grannyghan!!!!

Madge said...

Well, we've had the Great Sweater Curse broken, and the Yarn Harlot, and now we have the Great Yarn Sale! Kudos again for such a great job culling. This sale is gonna be legendary.

Hehe virgin acrylic.

Monica Silva said...

Hi Marie,
A yard sale with knitting needles & yarn! :). I'm looking for more circular needles. Are there some in the box? I'll see if I can make it after watching the soccer game in the morning.
Have fun!