Friday, August 31, 2007

We're Havin' A Heat Wave...

... with no relief in sight for the long weekend at least. However, some areas are getting a bit of rain or at least some "shade" from the clouds.

We had an extremely brief, but very loud, thundershower a couple of nights ago. All it did was wake everyone up, and leave us with sticky humidity.

Sorry to keep complaining about the heat. It's just that I don't tolerate it very well, it's hard to sleep, and that makes me grumpy.

And cranky.

Okay, okay.

and crankier.

So, just for a change of pace, this is what was on the agenda today.
Can you see the sign in that first cloud picture? This is where we met for lunch today--three Ds, a mom, and an auntie.

Well, and a grandchild-to-be. D3 said she felt mildly guilty for not bringing the Grandcarrot, however he is at an age where this particular restaurant--with the flaming onion volcano, the spectacular eruptions of flame, and the searing hot cooking table--would definitely not be the best choice.

Hold the presses! News of the World, pay attention!

mehitabel has... drum roll, please...
a real life, bona fide, Finished Object!!

Yes, the Rose Garden Shawl is done, finished,


and lovely and soft! (Thanks to Ms Patty for the superb modeling effort!)

It has been pointed out to me that this pattern is nearly identical to the Fir Cone Shawl that has been spotted elsewhere in Blogland. I couldn't agree more! It's actually something called The Lavender Linen Lace Shawl but I think of it as leaves. Rose leaves.

Between the resemblance to rose leaves and the fact that it's made from two skeins of Artyarns' Silk Rhapsody in the Rose Garden colorway, I think I can be allowed to call it the Rose Garden Shawl.

Can't I?

Close-up of leafy prettiness. I love the way the color played out on this piece--I was a little worried about using a variegated yarn because I didn't know how the pooling would look.

Looks fine to me!

When it's hot outside and inside, what's a big furry boy to do?
Why, find a cool spot on Mom's keyboard, of course. And if you squinch your eyes closed really really really REALLY tight, you can pretend to be sound asleep if someone tries to move you. Because, really, being The Cat means the world is your pillow.

Happy long weekend to those of you who are celebrating Labor Day. If you are in this particular corner of the world, do try to keep cool. Flex your power and all that--both your electrical power and your personal power. A little knitting, a tall cool drink, and some fur to love--what more does one need??


Sheepish Annie said...

Hot, you say? You need a nice pair of Crocs to keep those feet cool while you knit 'n sip!

That shawl is simply lovely and I think the name is perfect. Nice job!

Madge said...

Rose Garden is plumb GORGEOUS! Of course, in this heat I can't imagine it ever being cool enough to wear...I know, winter is coming, but whew. I'm a limp, cranky noodle, too.

Lunch with the ladies looks like it was fun!

LotusKnits said...

Ooooh the shawl looks lovely! Congrats!

junie said...

Looks like a wonderful family lunch. And with a new GC coming. Have the kids picked out names for the new arrival? Looks like he/she will be arriving soon. Congrats.

Rose Garden is really a beauty. Gee, how do I get on your Christmas list?

My sympathies on the current heatwave down your way. You know you are always welcome to pack a bag and come up here and stay with me until the heat wave passes. All this cool ocean air and the cool nights...Ahh...I hate the heat. I am beyond cranky when I am hot.

Bring your knitting of course.

Glad the Rowan KSH Spray got to you. It is pretty.

mary said...

Beautiful shawl! It's so luscious and fondle-able. Way to go with your Woman Power lunch!

Ellen Bloom said...

Rose Garden is luscious....nice work!

All those puffy white clouds over the over the restaurant sign make it look so lovely. Thank goodness for the cloud cover! Yes, they bring humidity, but at least they shield the sun somewhat.

Even in the cooler than SG, mid-city area, we're broiling. Labor Day means air-conditioned movies!!! Maybe I'll knit in the dark! Happy Labor Day!

jillian said...

Gorgeous Rose Garden! The variegation is so even and subtle. I can only imagine what that feels like in person.

Yeah - this heat is amazing. I think this is the hottest it's been, for so many consecutive days, since I've moved here. And no AC during the day! We are having voltage issues and everything does dead or almost dead. It's supposed to start cooling down alot tomorrow!

Annette said...

Rose Garden is the perfect name for your shawl. It's gorgeous!

La said...

That shawl is beautiful! Hey, did you feel the earthquake on Sunday? Scared my poor old cat outta half a life!