Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quilty Things

If it's Tuesday, it must be quilting night, right? Well, now that we're down to two Tuesdays a month, not so much; but tonight was one of the magical nights.

There was much rejoicing as Anne finished the binding on two more "charity quilts." As I talked about last week, the Guild wants to have 100 quilts ready by Christmas time for their outreach program. Anne and three friends took these two quilts with t hem on Saturday to "practice" long arm quilting. One of the semi-local shops has a long arm machine which they make available--they'll teach you how to use it, then let you come in and quilt on it for a fee.
So these babies got quilted. And tonight I hauled in the ol' box-o-bindings and Anne put the finishing touches on them. Don't they look good?

A close-up of one of the blocks so you can see how really darling this Noah's Ark fabric is. Very sweet faces on the animals.

Interesting discussion tonight, sparked by a remark made at the guild's workshop by one of the members. I had just held up a top I'd put together (blocks pieced by Ellin and Harry) and this woman said that it was "too pretty for a charity quilt." I really took umbrage at that remark (Hello, Delores! *waves* at the Grand High Inquisitor) because, to me, there is little value in giving someone a badly made item just because it's "charity." Seems to me, someone who's down on his or her luck deserves to have the best I can do for him/her. In spite of our joking around about our "ugly" quilts, they've all been nicely made, colorful, and proof of the old axiom that you can make a pretty, attractive quilt out of "ugly" fabrics. And one person's ugly fabric is someone else's treasure, as I also learned that day.
Hey, I still think "that" fabric is ugly! Which doesn't mean I wouldn't put it on the back of a quilt, because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who think it's very attractive. (I know--I heard from them. Vocally. That fabric is now known as "the one mehitabel thinks is so ugly." )

Oh well, I guess I'm pretty outspoken sometimes. (Surprise!) But I'm going to keep on doing charity stuff (quilts, shawls, whatever) that I'd give to someone I love as a gift. Because isn't that what charity is all about?? (I think St. Martin de Porres is one of my favorite saints!)
By the way, that's how the group tonight felt about it, too--it was unanimous!


Larry said...

I really don't like it when someone tries to get away with doing as little as possible because it's "charity" work. People in my knitting group have learned not to say things like, "it's good enough for charity." It's best to do your best no matter what. And we've all seen eyes light up at yarns that we took offense to. The quilts are lovely and I imagine full of the love that charity implies.

junie said...

The quilts are beautiful. The Noah's Arc is wonderful.
Glad to see such wonderful work. Your Guild should get an award for dedication.

mary said...

The quilts are gorgeous, and made even more so by all of your charitable efforts. Great work!

Ellen Bloom said...

ALL of the quilts are beautiful. There is no bad fabric or yarn...it's all wonderful, IMHO!
You go, Girlfriend!

Sheepish Annie said...

Here, here! Charity can certainly mean putting the things you don't need to good use. But it's not the whole of it. Giving something beautiful to someone who will appreciate it is always a wonderful gesture and probably more charitable!!!

Madge said...

Amen, sister. Compassion and beauty should be everywhere. And when better to be surrounded by both than when you're having a rough time? Kudos to sticking to your guns and creating your beautiful quilts out of your beautiful fabric!

catsmum said...

this post of yours made me think about something that happened this last week that I haven't blogged about but now I think maybe I should.
A friend told me last week that a small country hospital about 45 km from here had asked her knitting group for hats for a baby in intensive care...she knew I'd have a few to hand ... anyway I delivered a couple on monday. The lady taking up the collection asked me " how much do I owe you?"
this really threw me for a loop.
It's not giving if you expect recompense, right?