Monday, July 02, 2007

ASK and ye shall receive!

One thing about those ASK people--if you say "yarn swap" they take it seriously!
Look at this tableful of loot:

Pretties, right? I mean, this is the good stuff! Malabrigo, Fiesta, Colinette, Noro...
merino wool for dyeing, raw silk for ditto.
Plus the obligatory stuff with labels like, "Mystery Yarn" and "Muppet Pelt."
So we picked. We chose, and we encourated each other.
After all, it was La's first day off her yarn fast, aka Knit From Your Stash. Kudos to her for sticking to it for the full six months!
No comment on what she took home. Let's just say, it's "seed yarn" for a new project. She will tell you about it when the time is right!

What came home with me? Well, this pretty Malabrigo did, and some fraternal-twin Compatto yarn that might make a cute baby sweater since there is a new granddaughter coming. At least, we've been told granddaughter. (Don't tell, but I might tackle the Baby Surprise Jacket.)

Some Noro Cash Iroha in a dark burgundy that, even in natural light, refuses to show its true color.

Some of La's first hand-dyed fabric, mohair in a color she calls "Algae." I do believe she blogged about this when she was dyeing it. I think it's pretty, and I think it can become something wonderful.

Sunshine Yarns sock-weight in a nice mix of browns and creams with a touch of pale yellow.

Baby bootees, maybe?
I loved what Wendy said: sometimes you get yarn, and you take it home, and you find out that it isn't really "your" yarn. Seemed to me that we all had some of that, and it was nice to find it all new homes.
The leftover yarns that we all felt too enriched to claim will be heading for Stitches from the Heart in Santa Monica, courtesy of Ellen.
Speaking of whom, she makes the meanest mac n' cheese in LA. All of the food was wonderful, including Madgik's noodle salad, La's lemon cake, the sandwich roll (was that Zoe or La? My bad!) and the sangria... I didn't get food pics this time, but if you check the other folks' blogs, I think the food will show up. (Note: Zoe brought the yummy tapenade and home-grown tomatoes and the sandwich rolls and Sangria were Wendy's. MMM!!)

Now, here's some stuff that has arrived in my mailbox. This is NOT from the yarn swap! This month's STR Club yarn, in a yummy hot hot hot red and orange blend; and my latest score from Melanie at Lotus Yarns:

My progress on the Mystery Stole 3: Chart A done! (We won't mention how many times.)

The Paris scarf, in its languid "Parisienne" mood, sunning itself on the back of the new sofa, and then "ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille!"

Progress is being made on the Rose Garden Shawl as well as on the Noro chevron scarf.
Knitting has been happening.


La said...

The pinwheel sandwiches, along with the Sangria (YUM!) was Wen's (the sammiches came from Costco); Zoe brought the awesome home-made olive tapenade and tomatoes

Madge said...

What a fun recap!

And look at all your lace knitting. Very cool!

LotusKnits said...

Yummy yarn porn! Wish my yarn diet could be over now...bah.

Sheepish Annie said...

Ack!!! I'm on overload! Too. Much. Yarny. Goodness. Must. Rest.

I have a pair of socks knit with La's yarn...very pretty!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent recap, Marie! Yes, I do have a few more food pix that I will post tomorrow.

All of your WIPs look faboo!

mary said...

Wow! I'm on sensory overload from all of your wonderful pictures, and they don't even include food! Ahhhh, malabrigo. I'm so jealous. Mac n cheese. So jealous. more yarn. so jealous. free yarn. even more so jealous. I'm hitting myself in the head right now, but I had a date with a monkey that I couldn't cancel. Swoon!

LINDA said...

yummy jealous!