Sunday, June 10, 2007

Special Day

Recognize this? Well, I wouldn't expect you to unless you're living in or have been to Southern California.
This is the baptistry at the San Gabriel Mission. It's had some restoration work, but in the main it's pretty much the same as it was in 1771.
Looking up at the top of the dome, this is what you see. I'm sure in the 1700's or so the candelabra was lit by actual candles, but nowadays it's light bulbs. Bare bulbs like this were quite a style statement in the late 1800's--early 1900's when electric light was brand new.
Inside the baptistry, you'll find the original hammered copper font, and a painting that has definitely been restored more than once.
In case you wanted more details about it, there's a plaque at the side of the entrance explaining all the details.

This is where all my kids were baptized, and now the latest in the line: the grand-carrot, oblivious of the history, family and otherwise, did not enjoy this part. However, it was all over soon and he was able to dry off and return to his nap. Celebrations followed, of course, including lots of yummy food.

Want to see pictures? Of course you do! (If you don't, then you can stop reading here.)

Lumpia. Mmmm!
Pancit noodles.
Lechon and adobo chicken.
Veggies with sauce and quail eggs.
Yes, there was a definite Filipino flair to the food!
Finishing touch: fruit tart. This came from a Cuban bakery, as did the cake. Mmmm.
Tomorrow there may actually be knitting content. I have some new yarn, and I'm going to try to work on CPH some more and take pics of "where it's at," and then I'll even tell you about my newest crazy-making project.
Too bad there wasn't any of that fruit tart left over!


mary said...

Sweetie Boy just did his 4th grade mission report on San Gabriel mission, so I've seen lots of those pictures! What a wonderful day and have I told you how much I love filipino food? It all looks delicious.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh wow! Pretty pictures and I'm now rather hungry...not exactly sure why, though. ;)

Madge said...

Looks like a wonderful day full of family and feasting. And what a place to get baptized...I love the Missions!