Monday, June 11, 2007

As Promised...

Update on the Paris Scarf. It's still traveling, even though today it was "only" to Montrose. It's growing, and it has survived yet another "meltdown moment."
Word to the wise: don't try to knit with silk (sea or otherwise) when you're a passenger on the Pasadena Freeway. It's the original thrill ride, twists, turns, swerves, hills, dips, and the scariest part? It's all for real! One of those twists knocked several stitches off the needle, whereupon they immediately began to ravel downwards.
Yes, the eagle-eyed knitterati were able to find the "bad" spot. But I doubt it will affect the wearability of the piece overall, once it's all done and blocked.
ET has been busy.
Never ever trust your ET when you've been away from yarn and fiber for a while, even when you've been having a wonderful time.
ET was feeling very deprived apparently, because look what showed up in my mailbox!
Oh well. Lovely colors, nice soft yarn... ET does have good taste, I'll give her that!

Yarn barf!

For some reason, both of these skeins of yarn decided that I needed to hassle with yarn guts instead of just smoothly knitting away on the CPH.
The sleeves are nearly done, though, so at least it was a productive day.
In one sense.
In another sense, it was a very bad, truly awful day. Some time during this idyllic knitting session--
I mean, knitting outdoors with soft breezes? Even when they were strong enough to knock over a glass of iced tea, or blow a ball of yarn halfway across the patio?
Still, it was a nice day for knitting. Till I realized that my cell phone was missing. A quick call to the number and my worse fears were confirmed: the phone had been turned off, meaning the thief knew that the rightful owner was nearby--or worse, knew who the rightful owner was and just wanted to get away.
Trying to report a lost cell phone, when you've lost your cell phone, is an exercise in frustration. I drove to the nearest Store Where My Phone Came From, to be met with a lazy obstructionist whose line seemed to be, our computers are down, there's nothing we can do for you. Oh, I can give you a number to call. Ummmm--on what? My cell phone is gone! On your home phone? Oh yeah--the one the squirrels have eaten all the wiring to. Besides, how do I get a new phone and get it activated?
He eventually condescended to let me dial Customer Service from one of their demo phones, and then vanished. Almost a half hour later--apparently it was a busy day in Phone Hell--I got what is probably the dumbest CS rep in existence. Took me a while to convince him that no, I didn't want to upgrade my service--I wanted to report a stolen phone! Sigh. I could go on and on. And will, with the slightest encouragement. Suffice to say that once we got a (different, and relatively intelligent and efficient) store rep involved, I was able to get a new phone--full price, of course--and get it activated. First, he activated my new phone with some random phone number--heaven only knows where it came from, it sure wasn't mine--then it took several tries to get that erased. Then he activated my number on the store's demo phone. Sigh. I finally left the place, two hours later and a whole lot poorer (and several years older) with my new phone. It's not nearly as nice or as much fun as my old one, but it's mine. And it works. And it has none of my contacts in it, which is a major bummer.
I just hope that whoever has my lovely red phone doesn't decide to crank-call all my friends and relatives. That would really make me angry. Actually, if I could get my hands on the guy, I'd run him through with my KP Options. Pointy sticks make good weaponry!

Carrot says, I love you this much! (Now feed me!)


pacalaga said...

Man. If you were me, tomorrow you would find the (turned off) phone in the dryer, and you would realize sickeningly why it was turned off. But you would keep it forever, because maybe when it dries out/cools down, it might work again, even just enough to get your numbers out.

jillian said...

I would have needed a drink after all that!! So sorry you had such a hassle. I can't say that it surprises me, I had the worst ever "customer service" experience with Sprint and find that the reps in stores (for all cell phone lines) leave alot to be desired.

Ellen Bloom said...

One day in the future, our phones will just be implanted right into our heads and we'll never have to worry about losing them. We'll be able to just think, "Call Ellen." Twilight zone, here I come!

Love the Paris scarf, btw...gorgeous colors!

Sheepish Annie said...

So sorry about the cell'd think the store would be a bit more eager to help you out on this one. It doesn't help their reputation to leave a customer hanging like that.

Thank heavens for loving Carrots who want to hug your troubles away!

Madge said...

Look! A tres belle Paris foulard!

Oh, and I'm still poxing the phone thief. Maybe something of theirs will fall off. Heh.

Mercene said...

I know that lovely twisted freeway. I am assuming you were not knitting and driving at the same time....

junieann said...

The Carrot just keeps getting more handsome every day. What a doll.

And your scarf is lovely my friend.