Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paris Scarf

As a going-away present, Madgik gave me a skein of Sea Silk in the Paris colorway. Tucked into the package were the directions for the Shoalwater Scarf, which promptly got re-dubbed the Paris scarf for my purposes.
Very apropos, non?
So I blithely cast on and started the project as we taxied out of LAX on our British Airways flight. Yes, you can knit on the way over to Britain and the Continent. Knitting needles are NOT allowed on flights that originate on the continent. But I digress. I'm sure you want to know why the scarf is draped over a can of Pringles. Anyway, I left the pattern on the plane--sigh, a long sleepless flight will do that to a person. Luckily, I had done enough to memorize the pattern. The Pringles were part of our lunch on the train between Nice and Avignon. Not a flavor you can get in the US: Greek cheese, with avocado oil. Tasty, though.
You saw the picture in my previous post of what happened when my needle snapped.
I was able to get a replacement needle at a fabric store (Atelier d'Eglantine) we visited in Aix-en-Provence. The clerk was a bit aghast at being swarmed by 21 quilters/fabric enthusiasts, and while they did have a bit of yarn, they only had straight needles on display. I asked her if they had any circs, and she ran upstairs to their storage area. After a long time, she returned triumphantly with a single package of one 80 cm long 3mm needle! Well, it was a little smaller than my original, but the only one they had...and I figured, oh well! One doesn't complain when it means the difference between knitting or not knitting!

The scarf had other adventures too. It got to visit the poppy fields in Provence, and wave in the breeze from our hotel window in Paris.
Didn't get to knit on the flight home, unfortunately, so poor scarf didn't get any quality time--and gee, 11 hours in a plane is definitely quality knitting time.
Now to gather up the Paris scarf--which will always have its memories, I'm sure--and rustle up the rest of the WIP/UFO crew. Back to reality, doggone it!


mary said...

I love the traveling Paris scarf! What wonderful and exotic backgrounds for her to show her stuff.

Madge said...

Great post - fraught with danger (lost pattern! snapped needles!), suspense (will replacement needles be found?) and a happy ending, as you'll get to wear delightful memories of your trip every time you don her. Wonderful!

Annette said...

Welcome back! What great memories to have and be reminded of whenever you wear your Paris scarf. :) I'll have to remember to plan a "souvenir project" the next time I'm taking a special trip. I love the color too!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'd give about anything to have traded places with that scarf once or twice! Or have some of the Pringles! Yummy!!! :)

Welcome home!