Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hello Blue Moon, Au Revoir, Mai!

Yes, tonight will be a Blue Moon. It's the second full moon this month, which, regardless of what color it appears to be, it's called a blue moon. I was fascinated to read that, because in some parts of the world, the moon won't be completely "full" until after midnight, those countries will be seeing it as the first full moon in June, and will get their blue moon on June 30.
Moving right along.
While I was gone, my yarns from See Jayne Knit came. Gorgeous, aren't they? Lemon-lime and Autumn in New England. Soft and colorful and a real delight.
Then I went out into my yard and found this:

A daylily with exactly the same coloration.

Amazing. Especially since this particular plant grows in a tiny corner next to the sidewalk and the trunk of the crape myrtle, and the gardener keeps whacking at it. At one point last year it was hard to see any green at all. And now, here it is.
It's jacaranda season in SoCal, and mine is blooming away. The yard is carpeted with purple blossoms, and one doesn't dare go outside barefooted because the bees are having a field day. Seems they have trouble getting the nectar from these, although the hummingbirds love them; but when the flowers fall, the bees have learned to get the nectar from the base of the flower. Very ingenious, but we've also had a few stings from unwary feet landing on a bee.

Now that May is leaving, we are saying goodbye to its Project Spectrum colors. So toodle-oo, yellow and green and pink.
Yellow daylilies. In my front yard, also very hardy survivors of drought and kids and all the rest of the urban hazards.
Pink peonies, from our walk in Paris on our last day there. Peonies don't grow in SoCal, more's the pity.

Is this enough distraction from the lack of knitting content?
No quilting content either. I did move some of my knitting bags around, though. Does that count?
Yeah, I didn't think it did.
Well, we'll see what June brings. I'm currently in a mood to wipe out WIPs and organize stash, rather than add to it--unless of course it's something fab-u-lous like my SJK treasures! Oh yeah. I forgot. One of our local yarn/needlework stores starts its big sale tomorrow...


mary said...

Your flower pics are always the best, especially those parisian peonies! Hurray for new yarn. Is this what ET ordered?

junieann said...

So glad you are back and I am guessing the trip was fabulous. Paris in the spring must be the most thrilling of scenes a person could ever hope to see. Have to hear more of what you were up to in Paris.

Love the flowers. We don't have much up this way. The snow and frost sort of messed up the flowers.

But, there are some hardy-ho wild flowers that help the yard.

Of course the yarn is a perfect match to your picture. The lime green is tasty looking. (no I am not a moth)


Romi said...

I *love* the green! Mmmmm. :)

Happy Blue Moon!

Larry said...

Do you think you might actually be coming to Stitch in Time? I'd love to see you, even if it's only for a brief hello.

The jacarandas have been so pretty this year. I didn't know about the bees though. Watch your step!

Sheepish Annie said...

It is finally warm enough here in Maine so that I don't have to drool over your flowers while I stare at snow. And yet, I still seem to be drooling. Those are just lovely! As is the yarn...

Madge said...

Your flower photos always make me happy. So cheerful!

I love blue moons. Must be the whole Elvis connection, do you think?

Lisa said...

I love peonies! It kills me that we can't grow them here, and, if you happen to find them in a store, they have no scent.

The jacarandas do seem to be extra pretty this year...I would never get my kid outside if the bees were on the ground!