Wednesday, April 18, 2007


What's a week without Grandcarrot pictures? Here's the boy, eating his dinner in a local Chinese restaurant, and having a lovely old time of it.

Chopsticks are good. Especially when you get rice and egg and green peas on them!


Rained here today, so for your enjoyment here's some rather wet flora. First, a purple rose--Heirloom, I think. Deep purple color, very rich fragrance. Lives next door to my Double Delight and between the two of them, the back yard smells strongly of roses!

Here's a giant bearded iris. I don't know the name of the variety--it's a rescued rescue, which has lived alongside my driveway till we had to move it to make way for the new driveway.
The color on this one is a deep burgundy--quite striking against the wet green grass.

Next up, just for Project Spectrum, a nice yellow rose. This is one of my David Austins, her name is (I think!) Tess or d'Urberville. She's one of the series with Thomas Hardy names.
Gotta love that "wet look." So glad we finally got a little rain!

This brilliant orange bush grows alongside the back wall of the garage. The bush is all the way up to the eaves. The flowers just glow even on a darkish day like today.

And no, I can't remember her name either. Sigh.
Never did know the name of this bush--it's a very very old one, was here and already elderly when we moved into this house 36 years ago. The blooms are too fragile to make good cut flowers--they are rather similar to my Queen Elizabeth (she's not blooming yet) but QE's hold up better. This one is definitely the queen of the yard, though!

Some quilty goodness--here is Louise's redwork quilt. The centers of the large blocks are a Mary Engelbreit red/white (or white/red) print and the setting triangles, which form stars in the alternate spaces, are different coordinating fabrics. It's finished off with dozens of prairie points. Altogether charming--all it needs now is a good stretching and quilting, and it will be off to its new home. (I think it's going to one of her nieces but don't quote me!)

One of my Tuesday quilters is also an artist, and this was my gift from him just because he knows I love lilacs. (If you go back a few posts there are pics of him and his grandson, working on a quilt. Grandson has since made a second quilt!)

Lastly, here's a photo I wasn't able to delete from the post. It's a dandelion, growing in amongst the irises. I remember that the blossom was glowing in the sun (obviously not taken today) and it looked pretty chipper there in the dry brown dirt. What happened was, I uploaded some pictures the other night, but Blogger would only show me red x's instead of the photos. So today, the pictures were there, and I no longer thought the dandelion was quite as charming, but Blogger says, there she stays.
So there.
Yes, there has been knitting going on. I'll have pictures soon as there WILL be an FO shortly!


Sheepish Annie said...

You get rain...we finally get some sun! How odd.

Great pictures! What a talented artist you have in your midst. That painting is just beautiful!

mary said...

Love the flower pics, but the carrot pics are the best! What a great grin he has.

catsmum said...

hey I got rain too :]
do you know in 23 years of teaching quilting I have NEVER had a male student :[

fearoflight said...

Oh, that red and white quilt is just gorgeous! I'm over here from one of your groups and just had to tell you.

Annette said...

The flowers in your garden are beautiful. The quilt and the painting are stunning. The carrot is precious. You are surrounded by beauty!

Linda said...

I don't know where you were, but we would have been happy to send rain. We had 6+ inches last Sunday, triggering floods all over my neighborhood. Our park is a lake, now. Love your flowers, today is the first nice day after weeks of unseasonable snow, rain, and cold. I don't have much blooming yet, except for my pear tree.

Madge said...

Lovely flower photos! And more cute grandcarrot...I swear, he just gets more adorable every day!

Ellen Bloom said...

what a marvelous collection of flowers in your garden! We have a climbing rose bush that looks similar to your mystery tree. The blooms are soft pink, but have very thin stems and just fall apart when you cut them. The name of the rose is "High Hopes."