Sunday, March 18, 2007

B in B, Part Deux

How much progress can one make on the Central Park Hoodie while walking around a quilt show?

This much.

A little quilty eye candy for you. This is Ellin's quilt, well it's really a collaboration. Ellin and her husband work together to produce amazing amounts and quality of work. Many of their quilts are destined for charity, or are meant to be auctioned for one good cause or another. This one was a labor of love and it really shows.
Way to go, Ellin!!

Th-th-that's all, folks! Unless I lean out the window and take another picture of a cloudy grey sky, and let's face it, you see one, you've seen it!


Madge said...

Way to go on the multitasking - quilts and CPH ribbing - yeah, baby!

mary said...

The Durango looks great in the ribbing! Love that tweedyness. You are such a multitasker; glad you didn't have any tripping and falling accidents at the quilt show :)