Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Yarns

So I know I'm supposed to not be buying yarn--but I made an exception for the brussels-sprout-green Glace, because I've been wanting to make a certain sweater out of it for eons and eons, and couldn't bring myself to pay the price for that much yarn. Elann had it half price, can you say, Sold! to the lady in the sweaty T-shirt!
The other yarn is a lovely skein of Socks That Rock in the Highway 30 colorway. It's got a nice story. A while back, Claudia (I've lost her blog addy) was getting pledges for her stint in the MS Bike thingy back in Mass. Since MS is one of "my causes" I sent her a pledge. Didn't think anything more about it till I got an email that I had won this yarn! It really has a lovely hand and I'm thinking it will make a nice scarf or shawl, since I don't like to knit or wear handknit socks. Thanks Claudia! Stash enhancement at no extra charge... now what more could I ask?


claudia said...

Hi Marie! I'm glad you like the yarn.


jillian said...

Beautiful stash enhancement!

mary said...

All rules of yarn dieting are exempt when you are gifted with yarn! Can't wait to see another beautiful shawl, and can't wait to check out that Glace too!