Monday, July 10, 2006


Obviously not the most recent picture, but oh well. These are my Colorado granddaughters, and I took this pic when I was there visiting them in December '05. They both wanted to learn to knit so I got them yarn, needles, a set of knitting circles and a kids' knitting machine. They really took to all of it, as you can see from the pile on the coffee table. What brought this up is that I was talking to their mom last night, and she said they'd spent the afternoon in the living room, pillows piled all around them, knitting up a storm. I'm glad to see it wasn't just a passing fad! By the way, the white "pile" on the sofa is a cream-colored AbFab--their mom (my oldest daughter) loves white-on-white quilts so this was a natural (!) choice for her. Thanks to the great prices I found on eBay, the AbFab kits were pretty reasonable and I'm currently working on my seventh one. They were great "hospital knitting" and I got a lot done on them when Bob was either in the hospital, or at the dr's getting chemo, or just when we'd be sitting around the house. I think he really liked it when I would sit and knit, and I know that there were a lot of times--especially when he was in the ICU--when I could stick around and knit quietly, and not be banished to the waiting room. The knitting was my "twitch" so I could sit still and be calm.

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