Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Yarny Fun

So as usual for a Wednesday, the regular group gathers for the weekly knitting, talking, checking out new books, and all the other fun stuff at Zephyr. This week we had a visit from a family who came to look at the art on the walls. The older "mom" apparently doesn't much care for modern art, but she was fascinated by our knitting. Said if she'd known, she'd have brought hers! So of course we told her she'd be welcome any time! As you can see from the picture, Joan took a minute off from her Wobbly to snap some pictures--I think she's planning to make an album. Hard to believe it, but we've been meeting for almost a year now. From a small group of 3 at a Starbucks, we've grown and grown. Such fun! Also, thanks to Marie's speedy knitting, she got both of her projects to a point where she had to stop, and to stave off boredom, she very kindly ripped my blue stole back to a point before the ugly mistake. You can see the ugly spot in the picture from last week's post. Somehow, it always seems to be easier to rip someone else's project back,doesn't it?


jillian said...

Well, I was just there and I can still look at the pics and say "What Fun!" Unfortunately, it looks as though I was smelling something awful!

mary said...

Took me seriously a few seconds to realize that was me in the picture! LOL. We've come a long way, baby! I'm so glad we met via the message board and got this little group started. Now we're not so little but still have plenty o' fun!

Madge said...

Hey, I miss you guys! Looks like this week's SNB was the usual fun time for all, and I can't wait to get back and catch up...ooh, that capelet is gonna be dreamy.

P.S. Knitting is Zephyr with y'all = way more fun than knitting on a plane.

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