Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Misery Still Loves Company

Remember when I posted about all of my UFOs? And one in particular was designated the "Misery Loves Company" project? My Map of the World (MOTW) sweater? The one that only needs one more sleeve to be finished, but since I've already knit 3 sleeves for it (yes, something has "eaten" the sleeves!) I'm really dragging my feet about casting on that last sleeve. I mean, as in REALLY dragging my feet. In fact, this is what has happened to that poor project. Those are reams of printer paper piled on top of it.So, of course, what else can one do except cast on a new project? I got a little carried away on Mother's Day, what with the girls giving me that old "it's your day, do whatever you want to!" routine. Anyway, this is the capelet that's on the cover of Knitting On The Edge, the pink spirally thing is a practice rose. It's a special request from Caitlin, who wanted the off-white color and, well, I already had the yarn... I got this much done watching Extreme Makeover Home and Survivor on Sunday night. Yes, we were at Caitlin's, and she has Tivo. There was a good dinner prepared by Youngest Daughter (and sweetie, the cheese fondue was great!), and much champagne, and all in all a good family evening. Now to look forward to this week's SnB!


mary said...

I'm so glad you had a great mother's day. Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom! And I say, cast on as much as you can while you still can! See you tomorrow!

Joan said...

LOL, I have "accidentally" hidden knitting projects that I can't face anymore, too. I always love seeing what you are knitting at our SnB- so pretty . You deserved a fun Mother's Day to do as you wanted. It sounds like it was a special day.

junie said...

Ah Ha! The 3rd sleeve will get done someday. No hurry. We have to get that MLC going. But, love the Capelet. What yarn is that? Looks and cuddly.

Knit on.