Monday, December 22, 2014

Moving On with the Mystery

Joining the Monday linkup over at Quiltville once again. These are some shots from my prep work on Clue Two, which is currently in progress.

I'll be adding another post with my progress from Clues Three and Four later today (I hope!) but for now, this is an update!

Mondays are often a very productive day for me as far as cutting and pressing and that kind of prep.
Lining up the triangle markings..

My friend Anne comes over and we sit around and sew. Or cut.
Pieces are cut and ready to go!

Supervising. It's a job description.
Lots of good talk and some kitty petting, too.

Sadly, these are the last pictures I got to take of my beloved Highland (aka HiHi), Quilt Supervisor Extraordinaire.

He was 17 and beginning to fight some of the inevitable ills of aging. He was on two kinds of meds, which was no problem since he loved him some pill pockets.

Later in this same week, though, he stopped eating, stopped taking his pills, and was getting too weak to jump up on the bathroom counters for a drink from the sink.

Sleeping on the job is a perk.
So now he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I hope is reunited with his best buddy Simon. I sure miss him, though.

A last look at the fabrics I'm using for this Clue. I'll have more pics on the next post.
Color choices--one neutral, one black, many pinks.


Betty said...

So sorry about your quilt supervisor kitty. He sure was a handsome guy. I lost mine in November. He was 8 and crossed the bridge quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I have 2 other cats that are precious to me, but they are not interested in my sewing.
I look forward to seeing your MQ progress, as I am also using my 30s fabrics.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

so sorry to hear about your buddy.

Sharripie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. My own furry yarn inspector is 18, so this is on my mind as well. Love to you.