Friday, August 22, 2014

More Stuff!

The basket quilt top is done! Now to find it a back, and send it off to be quilted.

I opted for a 4" border of the same background fabric. The HST (half-square triangle) idea didn't work out: it pulled too much focus away from the baskets, so in this case plain is better!

The quilt is much larger than I originally thought it would be, but then it was also originally supposed to be 2 smaller quilts, so I guess I should be glad that it isn't big enough to upholster all of Glendora!

There are two more blocks that I've pieced into a strip for the back. Both of them are orange and red, different reds (one leans toward orange and the other is more of a blue-red) but they look fine side by side and they'll jazz up the back. Assuming I can find what I want to put on it! 

Wrapping u with a couple more pictures of the quilt top. These were taken when I was experimenting with layouts--you can see that if I'd gone with the large squares in between the rows, I'd definitely have had a much larger quilt!

This post is a bit of an experiment--I was trying to find a way to post pictures that I've taken with my phone that works well. So I used the iPad to load the pictures using BlogPress, but it only lets me upload 5 pictures to a post.

I haven't done much with the cats here, so here's a shot of Shyla being not-so-shy any more! She actively seeks out attention and affection, especially if I'm on the bed reasing or playing games on the iPad. There have even been a couple of times when both cats have been up on the bed with me at the same time. However, since I then have to be petting a cat with each hand, I can't get pictures.  Still, it's progress!

The last picture is of the 18 (!!) bags of templates and newsprint piecing papers sorted and prepped for my project for Asilomar next year. I kind of hate to have to wait that long to start sewing on it, but it may take me that long to round up and prep all 22 fabrics for the quilt.Yes, you heard that right--there are 22 different fabrics used in this pattern!

I supposed I could have bought the kit--but while I do like the colors in it, mostly, they're not my favorites. So I'm audtitioning fabrics from my stash to see how many I can find at home!

Back to "work" here--I'm hoping that my feet will be up to at least letting me get one of the pinwheel tops pressed and trimmed--I'd love to get those done too! Also need to do some spelunking to find backing for the baskets and one other little batik quilt, then I can box them up.  That would be so cool!

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