Sunday, March 16, 2014

How Many Pictures of Star Points in Progress Are Too Many?

 Jumping Jax Flash is coming right along, more or less.

This is my Asilomar 2014 project, from a class with Judy Niemeyer, one of her discontinued patterns and also one of her earlier ones.

It uses an "older" method of making and utilizing templates, which is why I found myself in a bit of a pickle earlier today.

These first pictures are of the pieces that match up with the center stars. The dark points will radiate out from the dark background of the stars.
 I did a layup of it but of course didn't think to take a picture. Sigh.

There were 48 of these. Lots and lots of sewing. Luckily I have a machine with bobbins that hold a ton of thread, or I'd be changing bobbins every few minutes.

Once these were done, I pressed and trimmed them and set them together for a bit of a preview.

I am liking the way the turquoise background fabric works against the dark points.

 Next step. There were 30  of these pieces.

I had a lot of help with this one.

(In fact, he's currently curled up with his head on the edge of the laptop. He's in a bit of a food coma cause he's just had his nightly can of wet food.)

(He has to eat up every scrap, or his sister comes along after him and cleans the dish. This is the same Shyla who turned her nose up at wet food just a few months ago.)

Help with pressing the pieces flat. 
 Snuggling with my arm. If only I didn't keep moving it around!

The quintessential "cute cat" pose.  Also known as, pet me please, I'm nicer than those old paper and fabric things!
 This set has some star colors on it. A change from blue and turquoise!

I'm experimenting a bit with the star fabrics. They are all small amounts from Deep Stash, so I couldn't have been consistent with them even if I had wanted to be.

Well, not without making a lot more effort than I was up to when getting ready for the class! So there are oranges and a greeny-pinky-orange and a deep rust and lots of brights.
These remind me of origami cranes!  This was before the last press and the final trimming.

Once they were trimmed, they were not only neater, but it was possible to lay them out to see how they'd look. 
 There. Nice and tidy and ready for the next step.
I should note that this is not one of the units for the finished quilt, at least I don't think so. These are parts of the interlocking stars that will occur where the blocks meet.

So onward to the next bag o' goodies, which involved more piecing of blue back ground and star points. 
 My friend got very bored. He watched the birds outside for a little while, but then decided he'd sit next to me and soon fell asleep.
 Thirty more pieces. These aren't trimmed yet.

Tomorrow is our monthly Dear Jane or assorted hand work session, so I saved the trimming for a good "table project."

The alternative is sewing binding.

Which I'm sure I will get to. The Chicopee quilt is halfway bound already. Would be nice to be able to call it a finish!
 Testing the layout to be sure the darks and lights are in the right places.

This set uses all the same rusty brown fabric for the dark points--I did that with one of the other sets, too. It will be interesting to see how that plays out once I start assembling the quilt.

What could possibly go wrong?
 Moved on to Bag #6 after finishing the last set of star points. These pieces were looking definitely odd.

I mean, really?

But once all the points were added, and I set them in position, the design begins to show.

They're the four corners of the quilt. Yay for only 8 pieces, since each one had 10 fabric cuts!
This was the bag that gave me pause today. I had been supposed to cut 8 of everything, 4 lefts and 4 rights.

I had only cut 4. Of everything, including the template that makes all 4 of those large spikes.
So, had to rootle around in the scraps and find enough fabric to cut the missing pieces.

Mission accomplished. I've started Bag #7 but it's highly unphotogenic at this point, since it's just two pieces of blue stitched together. There will be star points, however, so not too boring.  I'm kind of hoping to have them pieced by the time the quilters get here. Then I can do all my trimming and be ready for the next step. The scary one--putting it all together!

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Have you always had that Shelfari widget there on the blog, or have I only become aware of it because of my own recent book cover fiasco?

Star points are good. And looking good. I'm liking the colors.