Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Pinwheels Are Packed Up

Prize package!  from the Ho Ho Ho Hop
 ... as are most of the things in my house!

Deciding to move was not as spontaneous a decision as it may have seemed at first, really. It's something that's been in "the plan" for a long time.

However, it did kind of all hinge on finding the right place to move to, so when I was pretty sure I'd found the "right place" it made sense to jump on it!
But getting this house ready to show has been a hugkie endeavor.

Well, it is a huge house. Luckily for me, I have some very energetic and dedicated daughters, who have not stinted in providing backbone and muscle-power too! Not to mention the sons-in-law  who've assisted with the schlepping and the shoving and taken over kid duties and all kinds of other things to let this happen. I am truly blessed with a most amazing family. Even the long distance people have helped in many ways.

 Now it's done and the house is listed. Photos taken tomorrow for ads and the broker's office will caravan on Wed. First Open House next weekend.

So it's quite unreal to be living in this showplace!

 Let's look at a couple of quilts, shall we? Just because my machines are packed up and stored in the garage, there are other people who can still sew, and do! These are all Anne's--we had talked about making Log Cabin quilts, and while mine is still languishing, she's finished two tops!
Anne's Second Log Cabin

Anne's first Log Cabin

Anne's Thanksgiving Quilt
The Thanksgiving quilt is going to hang in the dining room at her community. It's going to be smashing--I do love that panel with the saltbox houses. Reminds me of Deerfield and other towns back East.

Just a few peeks at the house if you're interested.

Lots more pictures on Flickr, including some before and during shots that seriously look as if they came from Hoarders.

 Why of course I'm not a hoarder.


 This is my "Harry Potter" closet under the stairs. It really would be big enough to stash a bed and a couple of other pieces in, should I happen to have a little boy I wanted to hide.

Or one who wanted to hide from me.

This has generally been pretty full and is one of Shyla's favorite hidey-holes.

Well, it was till we took all her boxes and hiding spots away.

One thing that's missing from all these pictures is my cats. They've had to go to "summer camp" to get away from all the fuss around here. The theory is that the house will show better without cat boxes and cat accoutrements all over the place, not to mention cat barf surprises and floating cat hair.
 I agree. But I still miss my babies!

Oh well. I have to admit the house looks terrific.

All that work is about to pay off, or at least we hope so!

Anybody want to buy a big old house?

G's Sweater
My bedroom. Breezes blowing and soft light.

But no cats.

So, there shall be knitting, because it's easy to hide at a minute's notice and portable.

Besides, I have a couple of UFOs that could use some work, so might as well do that.

Oh, and reading.  That doesn't make a mess either!


Lee I said...

Sort of in limbo?

Jenny Bonynge said...

Good luck selling your house quickly!