Saturday, July 06, 2013

Updating--Part One

Well, Blogger seems to have taken an active dislike to one of my photos, and is refusing to upload it, so this post is going out with just two pictures and I'll try to get the others loaded into Part Two!

The pinwheel quilts are coming along. I made up some extra blocks, to ensure that I made it all the way to 600 of each direction--a total of 1200.

As of today, they are all pressed and trimmed and waiting for the next steps.
As part of another project (which I'll talk about in the next post, since it has pictures to go with it) I had to do some excavating.

Perfect excuse to do a little reorganizing while I was at it, so that's what my Saturday mostly consisted of. Lots of projects in boxes, lots of tubs and bins and boxes reorganized and cleaned out and generally made more pleasant. There's now one big tub that's all scraps and leftovers from old projects, and there are a couple of BOMs that are now have all their parts together in the same box. Should make it much easier to work on them when their turn in the rotation comes up.

And thus endeth Part One, while I go do battle with the uploader elves to see if I can get the rest of the pictures to show up!

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Lee I said...

I've taken to using Chrome for blogging. It uploads pictures through Blogger better than IE. I suppose it has something to do with them both being Google "apps."