Saturday, June 08, 2013

Saturday Summary

 One of the participants in a Facebook group posted a picture of a little quilt very similar to this one, which prompted me to dig around a bit in the linen closet and get it out. I think it needs to go into the trunk that holds a lot of other "family" needlework pieces.

My mother-in-law embroidered this when she was expecting my husband, and passed it along to me when I was expecting my first baby. I'm pretty sure, from information on the FB list and other sources, that this was a kit, with the muslin pre-stamped and the applique pieces either pre-cut or printed ready to sew on. Where a couple of stitches have come undone, you can see the blue printing.

Most of the embroidery is done in running stitch, although there's some lazy daisy stitches in there too. It amuses me, because looking at it closely, I can tell that she made her stitches match the printed lines exactly.

It's bound in  a light blue calico commercial binding, which is the same print as the blue appliques.

I had thought over the years of doing something with it, maybe layering it and turning it into a "real" quilt but now I'm kind of glad I didn't, since it's (as far as I know) the only piece of handwork of hers that we have. I never saw her working on anything, but I do have a trunk full of things her mother, aunts, grandmothers and other relatives made. I'll share them in other posts.

These two knitted squares--which I photographed while they were blocking--are for a fund-raiser afghan to benefit The Ships Project.  This is sponsored by NETA, the New England Textile Arts group, to help provide postage and other associated costs incurred by The Ships Project in sending hand-made hats, scarves, socks, helmet liners, etc, to our troops.

Even though I'm not in New England any more, I have still managed to make a square or two every year and thus feel as if I'm a part of the project.

The one on the right is The Anchor, from Barbara Walker's First Treasury, and I think it's a pretty appropriate pattern for a Navy (ret.) mom to make for the Ships.

If you're in or around New England, or will be traveling in the area, do check out the blog. There's a wealth of resources there ranging from fiber festivals to shops and farms and vendors and meetups and...

Back to the pinwheels! I was cutting the completed ones (only about half of them) apart when I found this. Yeah, sometimes it's not a good idea to keep sewing when  you're tired or when the cat is being particularly pushy.

Right sides together. Repeat the mantra, right sides together.

Otherwise, Jack the ripper has to come out and separate the pieces.

I found a few more pieces of 30s prints so I cut a few dozen more squares..

Not without help, though. Note that furry butt and rather large paw holding down the rule.. Ain't no cutting happening here.

And he's ignoring me.

I was doing laundry at the same time, so when he would get in the way I'd get up and go wrangle a load or two.  Usually when I got back, he'd have left.

Look at how cute the selvedge is!
 He doesn't like laundry, once it's clean. He loves to sleep  in my dirty-clothes basket, though.  I do not question the ways of cats. Tache used to sleep exclusively in baskets of all-white laundry (diapers were her favorite) probably because, being all white herself, she thought she could hide.

Yeah. Not so much. Her name, which is French for Spot, refers to a little black spot that she had between her ears, on  the top of her head. We think Noelle got carried away washing her head and washed it off completely.

I did manage to get some squares cut, in spite of the help from my supervisor.

Then it was back to the assembly line. I've already cut a few more strips and made more squares, because I had run out of both yellow and green ones.

There are still a lot more squares to sew. At this point, I have no idea how many blocks I'm going to end up with.

I just keep sewing and sewing and sewing. Every couple of bobbins, I clean and oil the machine, and I even changed the needle today for good measure.

I think the message I got loud and clear was, time to stop for the day!

It's okay. I frogged another project and cast on for another HitchHiker scarf, because I really needed another semi-mindless travel/group project. Got a couple of doctor visits this week so must be prepared!
I'm also working on binding quilts. Still working my way around the Tumblers, but I've only got one more corner to go (and two long sides, but I'm focusing on corners...) and it will be done. Then on to the next one, and the next, and...

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Carrie P. said...

the embroidered quilt is so sweet. definitely a treasure.
cats are so funny. they are afraid they will miss something. :0)