Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Finish!!

Today was knit group day and I had decided to only bring projects that were already in progress. So last night I went through the WIP bags and picked out a couple of likely candidates and tossed them in the tote bag.

Okay, so I brought five projects with me today to spend a couple of hours of knitting... but this one got done! This is my "Traveling Trillian"  which has indeed traveled the world with me! She's been to France and Germany, as well as Asilomar and many birthday parties, baseball games, and and and.

The pattern is Martina Behm's Trillian, the yarn is Frog Creek Fibers' Luxuriant (fingering weight, 80/merino, 10/cashmere, 10/nylon) in a color called Herbivore.  In person it's a bit more green than this photo; it's incredibly soft and squishy! It really needs a bath, although this pattern doesn't need a whole lot of blocking.

Came home to an un-cleaned house as my poor housekeeper had a flat tire and couldn't get it fixed soon enough to make it over...oh well, guess the cats and I will be good for another week! I managed to get a good nap in, as well as pressing a whole lot of squares for the pinwheel quilts. No pictures of those--just go back to some of the previous posts and  you'll know what they look like!

Now to see what I can finish next...

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Martha said...

Lovely!! I love the color of this, gorgeous!!! I can knit, but I am VERY slow and I don't understand the directions!! Self taught lefty!!! I just knit slippers :)