Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Fun-day

 Today is one of those days when Blogger doesn't want to play nice with the laptop, so we will leave these pictures the way Blogger wants them. Whatever Blogger wants... etc.

 Back to working on the cat quilt. I keep trying to make the 12 blocks into some kind of calendar, but it doesn't work. I guess they are just 12 random cats doing very un-cat-like pastimes!

The basic cat for each block is pieced and then has various accoutrements appliqued onto them. When I put it away, all the pieces had been ironed on--and there they are.

I've considered different ways of anchoring the cutouts down, including--not doing anything to them.

Another possibility would be to anchor them down while quilting, but for several reasons that didn't appeal to me. I'm not sure if this is meant to be a wall piece, or a lap quilt, and for durability as well as aesthetic appeal, I think having the raw edges finished before quilting is the way to go.

Using a narrow satin stitch (some of these pieces aren't even 1/4" wide) in all the different colors would be a daunting task, as well as require a degree of skill and patience I'm not quite sure I possess these days.

A buttonhole stitch along the edge of the appliques is a good way to hold them down. Black thread is traditional--but this quilt is anything but traditional, so invisible nylon Wonder Thread (YLI) it is.

Tested it out on the turquoise tail first (say that three times fast!) and was pleased with the result. You can see the front and back views in the two bottom pictures--yes, I used the green thread that was already in the bobbin for my test. Figured if I hated it and had to take it out, I'd rather pick out green that I can see! You can probably tell from the front view that it doesn't show.

The green bobbin ran out just as I finished up the trick-or-treat bag. The machine got a good cleaning and oiling, and a big fat bobbin full of cream-colored thread.

I'm pleased to report that, while yesterday I felt like a total klutzy newbie at this, my old muscle memory is returning and I haven't had any trouble making it around all those tight little curves. I'm sure it also helps that I ditched the prescription NSAID and went back to my beloved Advil. Yeah. Within the first hour after taking the Advil, the pain level was markedly less, and my movements are much less jerky. I gave it a good try--but I'm glad the trial period is over.

So, back to the sewing machine. I have 10 more cats to stitch down!

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