Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bloomin' Time!

Trying to cheer up my indoor environment so I got a couple of new pillows for the sofa, and threw a quilt over it.

Kind of bright, but it looks happy and springy.

Not very Easter-y, but that's okay. I like this quilt and it came out very well. Sometimes I do need a reminder or two that I occasionally finish stuff.

 Dandelions have cropped up everywhere in my poor neglected yard, but they are still pretty. I love me a dandelion puff. Maybe that's one reason I don't work too hard at eradicating them.

Hey, they bloom.
 So do the camellias. All of my camellias are looking sickly this year, which has me worried. I guess I need to get some camellia food and get busy feeding the poor things.

Is there anything sadder than a spindly, sparse 20-foot-tall camellia?
 Thank goodness for bulbs! At least they've come back this year. These daffs are under the jacaranda tree, which used to be a lovely flower bed.

Now it's a wasteland. Sigh. Oh for the energy--and the knees--I used to have to keep this all up!

 Let's talk of cheerier things--like quilts! These two are from tonight's class.

Here's Anne's take on "modern" quilting. Very successful. By the time she left tonight, she had finished the quilting and put on a binding.

Anne has lots and lots of scraps, so she's always looking out for a way  to use them up creatively.

Can you see how she quilted it??
 This one is Ethel's.

That stripe is BRIGHT!

She got this one layered and ready to quilt tonight.

All in all, a productive and fun night at class!

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