Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ready or Not!

Spent a good part of today getting ready for my class at Asilomar with Judy Niemeyer

Lots of cutting to do. You may h ave seen in a previous post where I was cutting paper dolls foundation papers. Well, today it was the templates and the fabrics to go with them.

Lots and lots of decisions to make, and I kept changing my mind about what colors would go best where.

In the end, I finally decided to just go for it, and hope for the best.

I mean, all my fabrics are gorgeous batiks, so what could possibly go wrong?

Famous last words, right!

Oh well. My reds are really bright, my greens are really dark, and my lights--well, my lights are all over the place.

Some of them are pretty dark, others are very light. In one instance, I even subbed in a pale green instead of a cream color.

It's all experimental, till the sewing starts and then I can see what it will all really look like.

I'm excited to try this. I've had a really poor track record with traditional paper piecing, and this method is as traditional as it gets.

But I've had my freakouts and meltdowns and spells of tearing out my hair, and now I have seven bags full of neatly cut and labeled and clippied pieces, just as the instructions told me to do.

Look how neat this all looks:

And there's even a pretty good picture of the pattern envelope there to give you an idea of the pattern.

You can see all the details here.

And now for something completely different.

I put away the Valentine's Day decorations, and decided while I was at it to give the living room a little more springtime feel.

So there are some different, bright quilts on t he sofa and love seat, and some bright cheery pillows and even a new lime-green throw.

It has ruffles. It was on sale at Target. It's a very fine gauge knit and it's sooo soft. Perfect for curling up with a book on a chilly spring evening.

Not that spring is really going to be springing here soon, but I do have my first daffodil blooming, and there are some little green sprouts all over the place.

Lastly, here's a little quilty eye candy for you!

Reminds me of those valentine candy hearts!

This is one that Anne made for a friend to give to a new baby girl.

Had to do a close-up of the border fabric, which is also on the back. The binding is a pale peachy-pink that exactly matches some of the hearts on the border/back.

Stay tuned for  the next chapter in what is going to be Louise and Marie's Great Adventure (in Paper Piecing).

Here's hoping that I can blog from the iPad. I have installed the app for that, so this will be my "test."

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Lee I said...

Good luck with that paper piecing thing and the iPad blog thing.