Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Eye Candy

Judy's Baby Quilt

Ethel's appliqued quilt
Took a couple of pictures at quilt class on Tuesday night at New Moon.  Didn't manage to get pictures of everyone's projects, partly because several of them were in that amorphous, not-ready-for-prime-time state.

First up is a baby quilt that Judy is making for a friend. The bright colors are a bit of a departure for her: she mostly prefers working in soft pastels and 30's repros are her favorites. She's been finishing up several quilt tops from the grandmother and great-aunt, for her own kids and her nieces and nephews, all by hand. I'll see if I can cajole her into bringing one or two by for photo purposes!
Fascinated by the patterns and t he noise

Ethel's been working on this one for a couple of weeks now. Last week, she appliqued the flower blocks and then t his week assembled the top. By the end of class, it had acquired a mitered piano-key border. Hopefully I can get a picture of that next week!

Anne was putting a border on a quilt covered in pink hearts, a request from one of the residents in her community. Again, no picture yet.

Sigh. Don't they know that they are supposed to let me take lots of pictures?

When I came home from knitting group today, this is what I saw in the guest room:

Shyla. Out in the open, giving me that "Whaaat?" look.

My little hidey-cat is getting a lot braver and spending more and more time out in the open. Good progress. She really does want to be a pet!

So tonight (because I was tired after knitting and took a nap) I was uploading pictures and listening to a CD on the laptop.

HiHi was immediately attracted to the noise and the flashing colors, and sat there mesmerized. Which was a good thing, because I was working on the "other" sewing machine.

This is one of the quilts that I found in that tub I mentioned a while back. Again, this is one I thought just needed binding, so tonight's project was just going to be a quick stitching around the edge so I can trim off the backing and cut it into binding strips.

Not quite sure of the vintage on this quilt--or any of the ones in the tub, really. Probably early 90's is my best guess.

However, the green fabric in this quilt is a match to a blue one that I am using for one of the quilts that I just sent off to be quilted, so there's not telling. The florals are definitely 90's though.

I wish I could remember more of this quilt's history.

It's obviously had kind of a  hard life--the batting on the edges is pretty ratty.

It was partially quilted, with invisible thread, but there was a lot left unquilted. So I pulled out the pins and decided that the thread I had on the Brother would do just fine for finishing this little t hing.

It's a very awkward size--I think it's pretty small for a baby quilt, too big and clunky for a wall quilt. Most likely was going to be a shop sample, but at this point? Who knows?

So I started working on quilting it--just some simple cross-hatching through the middle of the blocks. Went right over the old quilting.

Looking much better already.

Of course, The Cat was trying to help, and didn't like that I kept twisting and turning this out from under him. I got the Cat Back of Disapproval.

The Cat Back of Disapproval
Sorry, HiHi!

I'd originally thought I'd get it finished tonight, but after running through two bobbins I decided the Universe was telling me to pack it in.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm planning to spend the day working on quilts and doing laundry--so exciting!

I might even knit.


So far...


Anna said...

another one is going to bite the dust! I like HiHi's non verbal skills! lol

=Tamar said...

Call it a lapghan. Or a window cover, for certain sizes of windows. Uses will make themselves known.