Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Process Pledge

Today I got a comment on an older post (the one with Baby J's quilt) and tracking back the commenter, I found Rossie's blog and her post on The Process Pledge. It was an intriguing idea, and since I've been working at getting back into quilting more I think it was a serendipitous find.

Here's Rossie's original prompts:

I’ve made a list of prompts to get some process posts going. I will continue to update these prompts as time goes on, based on what I see in blogs, ideas that are submitted to me by email, and also in the comments.

  • Do you have any new sketches to show?
  • Is this design inspired by a past quilt or someone else's quilt you saw (link, please)?
  • Does the color palette come from somewhere specific?
  • Are you trying to evoke a specific feeling?
  • Is this quilt intended for a specific person? How did that inform your choices?
  • Are you following a pattern, emulating a block you saw somewhere, using a liberated process, or totally winging it?
  • What are you hating about this quilt at this stage? What do you love?
  • Did you push yourself to try something new?
  • In working on the quilt, are you getting ideas about what you might want to try next? What? Did you sketch it?
So here we go. I'm hoping that, over the next few days, I can document some of my quilts-in-progress as well as some of my knits-in-progress, and get some posting done as well. (Alas, yes, poor blog has been neglected but maybe I can rectify that!)

As always, there will be way more photos on the Flickr page than I'll put in the blog, so do click through--especially if you also want to see cute babies, cats, flowers and sunsets and all the other things that appeal to my magpie mind!

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Deborah said...

I have been trying to include more information about the process of making my quilts (process pledge). However I do find that posts that show the completed article get more response / views. I would love to hear of others experience with this