Thursday, January 06, 2011


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Who doesn't appreciate a little help of the feline persuasion? Simon thinks he needs to supervise my quilting. (He's supervising my typing right now, or at least warming my keyboard.)

These are 3 1/2" strips--25 each of a pink "dance" print, a lavender "dance" print, a cream-and-pink small floral, and a lavender print. They're going to become 6 1/2" four-patches, which will then be sewn into 12 1/2" blocks. I'm hoping I can get 25 of the large blocks out of these strips, and they'll then be added to 6 more 12 1/2" blocks--which have ballerinas printed on them--to make a 5 x 6 block quilt top. We'll see if (with Simon's help, of course) I can get that many blocks out of the strips!

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Anonymous said...

He is perched like those owls that are supposed to keep woodpeckers seem to have been very productive with his supervision though! Foosh