Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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My pink and lavender quilt blocks are coming right along. The 6 "picture" blocks have been bordered on two sides, to bring them up to 12 1/2". I did two sides because they were already pretty close to the size I wanted, and putting borders on 4 sides would have made them look silly. So two it was. It will give it a bit of an "attic window" look.

They're laying across 300 2-patches, which will next get sewn into 150 4-patches, which will then become 32 16-patches. Not quite sure how many quilts this will translate to, or if they'll all be used in one quilt. That's to decide later on.

In the back you can see t he flannel squares, ready to be sewn into rag quilts. Oh yes, I do plan to stay busy at the machine! In all of my copious free time.

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mary said...

I love seeing your quilty progress. It's great to know that all that hard work to set up your machine and give you a space to quilt has ended up with beautiful results.