Sunday, August 08, 2010

Another Birthday

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Today (8-8) would have been my dad's 94th birthday. He didn't quite make it--my father-in-law passed away on his 94th--but all he had cared about was living to be older than his mother. And that he succeeded in doing!

So, kind of a bittersweet day today, remembering the "old days" and the good past times. I sure hope he and Ma are having a good time together again!


Ruprecht said...

I hope the day has been filled more than tears, mehitabel. I trust there were lots of fond memories mixed in.

Happens on the birthdays of my parents for me ... both of who have passed.

Well wishes .....

Gail said...

The way your dad used to tend to the to-do list when he came out to left coast, I would suggest he's probably straightening out heaven. No more crooked halos!