Sunday, January 03, 2010

View from Upstairs

View from Upstairs
Originally uploaded by marie watterlond
This is a test, to see how well Flickr and Blogger talk to each other! I like the idea of being able to blog without having to upload photos from my computer (lazy much?) but I think the down side is that I can only do one per entry.

Of course, that does mean that the entry is started, and from there I can edit it to add more photos. Hmmm... Blog more often, maybe?

We'll see how it works out!


Foosh said...

Seems like your experiment worked - and a pretty image too!

Sheepish Annie said...

I think you can do more than one photo. I don't normally use flickr to upload, but I seem to recall just getting the html code and pasting it where I want it to go. OTOH, I am hopeless with certain things and am probably doing it wrong. Or at least in a more complicated fashion than is needed.

I love that picture, though. You don't need anything else!