Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's Contagious!

ATTENTION: There are SPOILERS below, so if you're in either the Year of Lace or Big Ass Yarn Club, and haven't gotten your Dec. package yet, and don't want to see what it is, DON'T LOOK !!!

Looks like there's another blogger in the family! This time, it's D1's sister-in-law, Pam, who lives in Washington. She's started a blog for her family news and is currently showcasing some of the wonderful photos taken by her daughter Catlyn. Check her out: Pam's Blog is here.

Also contagious is the Floozy Cast-On for this week! Here's my latest project:

and... a closeup of the project! Yes, this is the Totally Autumn pattern from Knitty, which I had started in a pretty lavender Lullabye from Lotus Yarns. It just wasn't working--the pattern and the yarn clashed too badly so it was frogged. Sigh. At least I was able to reclaim the yarn, and now I've cast this on in a different and I think more appropriate yarn.

This, if you're a regular reader, you may remember as having arrived in a box as a tangled mess. Once it was untangled and wound into a nice ball, it was given to me! So I'm using it with this pattern, in one repeat's width, to make a scarf.

So far so good.

I'm halfway through the first repeat, and it's looking as if it will work very nicely with this yarn.

Okay, here's another project that has been malingering but which has a deadline. I need to finish this so it can get in the mail in the next couple of days, since it needs to be in Idaho by the 14th!!

The scarf is for the Special Olympics, and the organizers requested that everyone use the same yarn: Red Heart, in these two specific colors. I had high hopes, but this scarf has definitely been another one of those "learning curve" things.

Oh well. It will get done, and hopefully it will be well received and well loved.

Okay, here come the spoilers.

You are warned.

If you don't want the surprise spoiled, STOP HERE!

First up, the Winter shipment from Year of Lace. The yarn is a lovely very soft merino lace from Fireside Yarns, and the pattern is the Snowdrop Shawl from Nancy Bush.
I think it's going to be very pretty!

Secondly, here's the latest shipment from Melanie at Lotus Yarns, the current Big Ass Yarn Club yarn--a smooshy soft blend of Suri alpaca and merino in a colorway she calls Winter Garden. Love love love!

Okay, that's all the goodies for now. I'm off to get in some couch time and cast on some more projects. I also have located the swift, so if the mood to wind more yarn strikes, I'll be able to do that.


Anonymous said...

I know some excellent ball winding apprentices - too bad they are all the way here in Colorado! Your new yarn - I could just eat it up! Foosh

Annette said...

Oooh, pretty new yarns! The Fireside looks so soft and squishy. The winter garden has gorgeous colors in it. I might have to join this yarn club!

Madge said...

Oh, goody, hopefully both of those will show up on my doorstep tomorrow. Thanks for the spoiler pics; I've been stalking Rav but haven't seen any there.

And wah. My clubs are all ending. That's okay, though, as Annette has corrupted me into thinking about doing a Sundara one. If I get in. I know you're doing YOL again, but did you sign up for STR, too?