Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nov. 30--End of the Line

Just in case you wondered what a dismantled old pantry looks like, here it is!

The boxes are what was inside of it...well, some of it, anyway. A lot of it got tossed. I mean, do we think that 20-year-old shoe polish and fertilizer are still good?

If you think so, you're welcome to come rummage in my trash cans and fish it out. I'm getting so good at this tossing stuff!

I tossed all the old baby food jars with the rusted lids.

I tossed all the plastic flowerpots--the ones that were almost crumbling with age and decrepitude.

Tossed the rusty coffee can that was filled with filthy clothespins, too.

Tossed the rusty lunch pails. Bye, Holly Hobbie!

Tossed the filthy fishbowl, too. No fish for you!

The boxes of jars are going to go to the curb on Tuesday night, along with all those boards. If anyone wants to salvage them, more power to them.

I'm not gonna do it!

We did keep the sprayer and the liquid-fertilizer/bug spray bottles. They might still work.

Kept the Christmas trees, too, including the 7-footer that I wasn't sure about keeping. Turns out, D4 thinks she can make it work. We'll see. I'm game if she is!

Yeah, look at all that. And I was told the cabinet was empty...


LINDA said...

Yay, you must feel so proud and accomplished! Congrats on all of this...I'm doing the same at my house. My newest mantra "out with the stuff we no longer need or use" it has had its day and now on to new horizons.

Joyce (on plurk) said...

It's scary but I recognized a green scrub brush in one of the photos - I used to have one just like it.

Doesn't it feel good to clean out?

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow! Great work! I bet you have that lovely light feeling that comes from getting rid of a lot of old junk :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still there... no post for over 2 weeks!