Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nov. 1--All Hallows' Day

Also known as the day after Halloween.

So here's a few shots of the hijinks that went on last night. Construction Worker Garrett (gee, sounds like the name of one of the Barbie-doll family!) came complete with hard hat and tools. in this picture he is definitely sporting some hard-hat hair, which as all construction guys know, is an occupational hazard.

Next we have Auntie D4 and Garrett's dad trying to get pictures of the mini-burglar and mini-vampire.

You know, I take so many pictures of them all by themselves, and you don't get an idea of how little these kids really are. I think this picture does it.

Pilot Scott, aka Audrey's daddy, is definitely the Halloween Freak in the family. He's the one who orchestrates all this madness.

If you check the Flickr page (and his, which is linked from Audrey's blog) you will see some of the great decorations he put up. He was feeling bad because it wasn't as spectacular as other years--no air compressor, for example. Still. There was a full-on graveyard, complete with a vignette of the grave-digger who fell into the hole as he was preparing to inter a coffin (which was standing by) and the Grim Reaper waggling around gleefully. There was a spinning skull with a strobe light, a flying ghoul, a ghostly apparation--and the mummy. Which was rigged to a motion detector, and which flew up to a standing position, eerily lit by red lights and accompanied by noises.
Pilot Scott was so convincing that, when he went to lunch, someone asked him which airline he flew!

He's a fitting dad for the littlest burglar! She tolerated not only her burglar-hat and gloves but also the mask.

She and Vampire Cousin Nate had a lovely time. Lots and lots of adults to fuss over them, kids coming to the door--one little tyke was heard telling her smaller sister that, "See, it's a nice lady with a cute baby and a really scary house!"

Nate's cape has little elastic bands that slip over his wrists so he will look as if he is "flying." The vest and jabot were just the finishing touches.
And that is his natural hairline, by the way. It, and the funny way his top teeth came in, are what inspired the costume. His upper two side teeth came in first, giving him that "baby vampire" look. Of course, by now all of the teeth are there, so he looks like a "normal" baby.
He is the happiest, giggliest baby (his only competition is his giggly cousin) but whenever he sees a camera, the eyes open wide and the mouth goes "O" and that's it. Hopefully one of these days I can post a picture of his dimples!
It's November and that means NaBloPoMo again. National Blog Posting Month--a can, er a post, a day is all we ask. I kinda flubbed up last year, and again back in August when I tried this, but you know me--never give up. So cheer me on, ok! (Got some yarn in the mail. Pics tomorrow!)


"Skipper" said...

Hiya! I'm a fellow NaBloPoMo knitter, and just stopped by to say hello, and wish you well with the 'post a day' thing.

Great looking little monsters you have there! :-)

Anonymous said...

I vant to nibbe those chubby little necks! Post away Mom! Foosh

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! You guys really do up Halloween right! I should have come trick-or-treating at your houses. I wouldn't even need candy. Just the costumes and decorations would be enough to justify the cost of the plane ticket!