Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hot, Tired, and A Few Less Boxes!

Here's a view into the office, after today's decluttering/unboxing session. I really should have taken a "before" picture, because you couldn't get near the bookcases in the corner! I counted 13 boxes in here--now down to just two, plus a couple of bins of CDs.

I think I am going to get a couple of those book-type albums for the CDs, and get rid of the jewel boxes. They take up a lot of room, and once I get the contents of the albums loaded into iTunes, I'll have ready access to them whenever I want to. And a lot less stuff to store!

This room (the "back room" "family room" or "studio") is still pretty full, but it's a lot less full than it was this morning! I know, you have to take my word for it, but believe me... a LOT of stuff went out of here today.

Picture of the new bar stool. There are two more, but they are still in their boxes. They are very comfortable, and will be nice to use once we get the bar cleared off and the area is functional! We're getting closer all the time.

D5 came out today to work for several hours, and she's a really good influence. She claims she enjoys it, and Little Miss got to spend the afternoon with her other grandmother and her grandfather, while Daddy played golf. I also got a lot of help from friend B, who gave up his workout at the gym in favor of helping me shift boxes. He got a workout, all right!

We even managed to completely fill the back of the Explorer for a trip to our local Goodwill. And, I have a big pile of magazines bagged up for another thrift shop which sells them.

There are still a lot of boxes outside, which kind of worries me as we are getting more cool nights now and the boxes are showing the wear and tear. Unfortunately, they are full of books and papers and puzzles and... the kind of thing that doesn't do very well in dampness. So there's a certain urgency in going through them, to be sure to get everything sorted and distributed before we get rain.

Because, if there is ever a chance for rain at this time of year, it's when we have something out there that is susceptible to it! I'm reminded that, back when we did the addition, we had barely taken the roof off the back of the house when it stormed all Labor Day weekend! Yes, it was also a weekend I was working at the Fiesta at the San Gabriel Mission--worked the corn on the cob booth, and we sold out!


Annette said...

Your making good progress! I'm almost feeling inspired to go organize my home office. Almost. ;) Maybe I'll go knit until the feeling goes away.

Sheepish Annie said...

You are truly an inspiration. I did a little cleaning and organizing myself today. Of course, I should have been at school and doing it in my classroom. But housecleaning counts for something, right?

Great job! The place is really looking wonderful!

Madge said...

Congrats on the decluttering! Hope it feels good to get to again...and fingers crossed it doesn't rain on your boxes.

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations! The room's looking great, and I bet getting those boxes unpacked is a relief. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few more weeks of no rain :)