Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Stuff

First of all, look at my new big black box!

We did it. We bit the bullet, and went ahead and got a new fridge.

Sears really does make it easy, and no, they are not paying me to say this, really. We've had Sears' Kenmore appliances since we were first married, and not only have they been workhorses, they have been great with the service, too.
Did you know that you can call Sears service, and they will come out and check over your appliance, and tell you how much it will cost to repair it. If you think that's too much, they will give you a voucher to get the cost of the service call off a new one.
Can't beat that!
So, I had them out to check over Old Fridge. Bought in 1991, it replaced the one we had bought in 1965. The verdict was, time to get a new one. So here it is. Oh, and our local electric company will give us a $50 rebate cause it's an Energy Star, and they will pay us $50 to let them haul away our old one. With that kind of deal, how could we not do it??

I do not name my appliances. Sorry about that. I don't usually even name cars. Cats, yes. Children, definitely. That's about my limit!

New knitting on the block: a sweater to match Missy A's new green hat. The book is Sirdar's Little Sweet Peas and the baby model does bear a certain resemblance to a certain Little Sweet Pea in my life--well, except Miss A isn't blonde. Her hair is coming in dark-ish.

So here's a close-up of the 20 or so rows I have done so far:

Then there is my Year of Lace project, which is stalled for the very obvious reason shown in the pictures below:

the yarn is a mess.
I'm not going to say much of anything about this, other than the fact that there have been quite a few complaints on the boards about this. My skein is not too bad, although it was tied up in a way that made it impossible to untie it. When I snipped the tie thread, close to the knot, I got a short length--hard to believe since I had only cut one strand!

Oh well. I've been wrangling with it, and since I pride myself on being a good little detangler, I know it will eventually get wrangled into submission. Unfortunately I'm now on the 4th ball so I'm afraid there will be a shortage once I start knitting. I'm hoping that if I run out, I'll be able to get more from some of the other participants. If not, well, there's always the frog pond. I'm not even sure that I will try this pattern in this yarn--if I can find my STR Firebird, I think I'll use that instead. It's more red and less orange. I'll find a use for this, never fear!

Oh, the ankle is progressing nicely. Today I was able to wrap it in an ACE bandage and put on a sandal with a loosened strap, and the support felt pretty good. It still doesn't like to be stood on, so I'm being careful to rest it a lot. I can drive (just have to remember to put the parking brake on with the RIGHT foot!) although that does twang the ribs a bit--but, having seen Dr. B yesterday, I feel comfortable about pushing things a little more. Not too much! Rest is still my friend!

Tonight is our last class session at our old location. Next week we move to a new shop; I'll get pictures as soon as I visit for the first time! (Dratted ankle anyway...)


jillian said...

A sparkly new fridge! Hooray! With all the other "new", it only makes sense, really :)

That cardi is going to be unbelieveably cute. And ouch on the dreaded yarn barf!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't name my cars either but I named by GPS - but she talks to me, that's the difference...the sweater is reminding me of a watermelon - what do you make of that!?


Ellen Bloom said...

I've never named appliances either. However, cars certainly do have personalities. My old Toyota was called Tricia. My current car is aptly named Crochet Car, because of the license plate!

Love your fancy new fridge. We also are tried and true Kenmore/Sears patrons. One of my sewing machines from Sears is over 35 years old and still works!

Madge said...

Glad to hear you're doing a little better!

The sweet pea sweater is working up really cute. Howzabout I sub it for Phoenix Rising for SoL? Because that yarn barf is a big ole nasty mess. The fridge however, is very sexy. We have Kenmore appliances, too. Yay for Sears.

P.S. People name their kitchen appliances?!

Sheepish Annie said...

Mmmmm...love the new fridge! It is a good place to keep candy bars. And ice cream. And your leftover pizza...I think I might be hungry.

The cardi is adorable as well. I love the colors. But I wouldn't keep ice cream in it.

Annette said...

The Sweet Pea sweater is adorable. I might have to get that book. The picture of the yarn barf made me squeamish. It's a beautiful color, but I don't envy your detangling job.

I'm glad your feeling better!